Catch Up: Santa to the Sea 5k (December 11, 2011)

January 24, 2012

Aurora giving a little wave while running during the Santa to the Sea 5k 2012Continuing with my catching up of running events –

This was my second 5k of the weekend – and I finished in 40:39! That’s down from 49:44 the previous weekend. My only goal for this one was to finish at least one second faster from than the previous day’s 5k (44:07), and I accomplished that. (Woot. Woot.)

This was a really fun race. Part of it was through a random neighborhood. Some people came out on their balcony to have coffee and watch, which I thought was nice.

As we got farther in, part of it was by the beach, which was pretty.

They played a ton of Michael Jackson at this race’s finish, which made me pretty ecstatic. The finish festivities were something to write home about – free massages, delicious snacks, lovely volunteers, and most importantly, Compete Green had a booth where I got to spin a wheel, and I spun the winning space! I got a free race entry (which of course is super special. They might as well have been giving me gold)!

palm trees at the beach
(on my computer, this is labeled “palm trees – that’s not Christmas” [small laugh]
[Edited to add: Unfortunately, I never did get to use that race entry because of scheduling and blah blah blah. But Compete Green seems like an absolutely wonderful company.

They did let me pass on my race entry to someone else, which was wonderful. They seem very consumer focused, and I’d be happy to do a race with them in the future.]

Everything about this race was awesome – the people, the scenery, the general city of Oxnard, the medals, the staff, etc. All of it. They also do a half marathon here, and it’s going on my list of 52 I want to do this year.

[Edited to add: I did that half marathon.]

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