Never Land Family Fun Run 5k – Expo

January 27, 2012

Aurora smiling with Wendy and Marty at the Neverland 5kI always forget how magical Disneyland is until I get there. As soon as I got off the bus, I heard the cheerful music, saw all the tiny details everywhere (so many mouse ears), and I remembered I was in the “happiest place on Earth.”

I picked up my (cute-looking) bib and went to check out all the booths. I won a Chia Pet at the booth for the Angel’s 5k.

I waited in a long line at the booth for ABC. It was funny because they were giving out themed bags for a cancelled show (Pan Am). I’m sure they wanted us to feel special, like we had something you couldn’t buy anywhere. They must have been right because the line for that booth was long the whole night! (And who am I to judge the prize? I waited in that line!)

You won a bag if you could answer a question about whatever ABC show you spun on the big wheel. My spin landed on Revenge and they asked me on what other ABC show had Emily Van Camp previously acted? (Brothers and Sisters, of course.)

While I was waiting in that line, I met a couple who was supposed to be running the 5k together, but the man had forgotten his wallet all the way out in Palm Springs. Disney wouldn’t let him pick up his packet without his photo ID.

He told me, “all I have is my iPad.” I said “well, you should go on back in, open up your Facebook page for them and say ‘look at all these pictures of me! May I have my bib now? Thanks.'”

He and the woman both looked me like I was a genius. I was 40% joking because I had no idea if it would really work, but, hey, it was worth a try, right? So, he ran out to go check.

By this time, the woman and I were pretty far into the line. The man had to go outside, down the sidewalk, down a ramp and into a whole ‘nother area to go get his bib, so he didn’t make it back before I got to find out what happened. There were moments later in the night when that couple would pop into my mind, and I’d wonder if he got in. (Spoiler alert: I find out later and let you know in tomorrow’s post.)

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