A Movie Premiere at Grauman’s

Re:Generation Premiere, Grauman's Chinese TheatreLast night I had the pleasure of going to my friend’s – Stephen Webber’s – movie premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Now, I could gush for pages about how he came to visit me all the time (with yummy Ben and Jerry’s!) when I was in the hospital (including making time to come see me in the ICU when he was coming from a big party), or how he checked in with my every day the week I had open heart surgery.

Or I could talk about how I took a few classes in music production from him (that’s how I met him), and how those classes were always fun and crazy in their own ways. I could also talk about how I totally sucked at producing music, yet he always believed I could be better – and I always got better with him pushing me.

I could talk about how hilarious he is and how he constantly keeps everyone smiling, or how he really seems to care about everyone he knows, taking an interest in each person’s life.

But, for now, lets just talk about how talented he is. Stephen Webber is a super musician. He can do it all. Most recently, he did this cool project that mixes classical music with a hip-hop style.

Stephen Webber talking to DJ Premier, Re:Generation premiereHe was part of this movie called Re:Generation (the premiere was part of Grammy week). In the movie, five well-known DJs are given different genres of music and told to mix them with their current styles and create something new. A bunch of cool artists helped the DJs out – LeAnn Rimes, Erykah Badu, Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def), and Stephen Webber was the one who worked with DJ Premier.

The movie was interesting and funny. Stephen had his own little posse (that I was happy to be a part of) at the premiere. We all clapped and hollered when he came onscreen.

I finally got to meet his super friendly, beautiful, lovely wife, Susan. His daughters (who are also very lovely) were there as well. I had met one of them (Aubrey) before, up in Portland a couple of years ago, but it was nice to see them all together as a family unit. They’re so adorable. His girls just love him so much. (It reminded me of the way I am around my dad.)

I watched Stephen work it on the red carpet before the show, and once we were in the auditorium, not surprisingly he knew everyone. (He’s just so gosh darn popular!)

Stephen Webber on the Re:Generation Red Carpet

This was one of my very last days on crutches! Everybody was really cool about me hobbling around. Nobody in our little posse seemed to be too annoyed by it. (And actually, people at Grauman’s were all about not hassling me. Nobody wanted my ticket or anything, they just let me through. So hey, when Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd come out for a premiere, hop on some crutches, hobble past security, and hope no one notices!)

After the movie, we walked down to the after party. (I know, we’re so cool, right?) DJ Premier was spinning the jams and tons of people were there. I was a lame party pooper and sat down for a bit. Aubrey was a sweetheart who went and cased the joint for me – telling me what was happening in all the different rooms and where the cool hang out spots seemed to be.

I ended up going home fairly early in the night ‘cause I wanted to make sure I still got enough rest before the big Palm Springs weekend coming up (you know, coming off of injury and all. I know. Yawn. I’m just boring and full of excuses.) I’m pretty sure the Webbers (and many others) partied ’til the break of dawn (as they should’ve!).

I had an awesome time on one of my non-running adventures and if any of you get a chance and have the desire, you should check out Stephen Webber and the cool stuff he’s up to.

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