(#4) Palm Springs Half Marathon – Part 1

The Palm Springs Half Marathon was a struggle for me. In case you haven’t read, I was coming off an injury.

I’m sure it also didn’t help that I have been taking such awesome (read: awful) care of myself this week. I was really good during my first week on crutches. In my second week, my microwave broke. I took that, mixed with my inability to run, as a grand excuse for an all out free-for-all with ice cream and Doritos (…for the entire week!).

Even though I had awesome accommodations this weekend, for some reason I had tons of trouble sleeping, waking up throughout the night. (Think that could possibly have something to do with my extreme lack of exercise and poor eating habits of late?)

Around 3am, I had some ankle pain going on. I was a bit worried that perhaps I had made the wrong choice – that I possibly should’ve brought my crutches, or borrowed a wheelchair. But I knew I’d be fine. I stretched, moved my ankle around, took a quick walk around the living room, and went back to sleep (waking up 3 more times before the morning!).

As I walked across Ruth Hardy Park to pick up my bib, I met Gary from Xterra Snow Valley. After telling him about my 52 in 52, he said I could have a free entry(!) to the Snow Valley race.

When I got to the gear check, I was happy to see my friends Wendy and Marty.  As I was talking to Wendy, I got a tap on the shoulder. It was Jeanette (of Jeanette and Johannah). She was happy to see that I had made it out of the bike ride alive, and she told me that I had convinced Johannah to do the half marathon!

Going by the advice of my doctor and the pleading of my ankle, my plan was to walk the entire race – no jogging. When the half marathon started, I walked across the start line, which was really anti-climactic. “Oh, here I go walking toward the start…this is so exciting…now here I go crossing the start(!)…and here I go walking some more. Huh…”

I felt so silly walking through the crowd of cheering spectators lined up at the start.

My walking pace wasn’t too bad at the beginning. I started off doing 15 to 16-minute miles.

I tried to keep it interesting by doing a lot of “dance walking.” There were tons of turnarounds in this race so, it seemed like a field of runners was always going by me. It’s possible that some of them thought “what is the deal with that silly girl?” But they all had their own race to worry about (as did I), so I don’t think anyone gave it much thought. Who cares how silly I look when I’m trying to have fun?

As the race went on, I started to get slower. Miles 7 and 8 took a little over 17 minutes each. I was in some pain after mile 8. It’s possible that I was pushing myself a little hard for my first weekend off crutches, but once I was 8 miles into a half marathon, there was certainly no way I was stopping (especially when there was no time limit)!

Was I able to make it through those last 5 miles? Find out tomorrow.

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  1. Analia Monday, March 12, 2012 at 7:24 am Reply

    Where is the medal pic???

    • Aurora De Lucia Monday, March 12, 2012 at 10:12 am Reply

      In part 2 of the story of this race. :)

      Unless you’re talking about a picture of me with my medal, not just the medal itself…I am bummed I don’t have one of me with the medal! I was so tired by the end of this one. It was really a struggle, coming off of my injury. I was also one of the last people to finish, so there wasn’t really a party happening anymore. I didn’t even think to get a picture of me with my medal. I just thought about sitting down and getting food.

      Thanks for reading!

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