(#5) Rock ‘n’ Roll Pasadena

February 19, 2012

Aurora De Lucia running over the floor banner that says Pasadena 2012 (at Rock 'n' Roll Pasadena)As I was waiting to start RnR Pasadena (in my far-back corral) I heard the race announcer say Joey McIntyre’s running today! What?! Everybody out of my way!

A magical power surged through me. I pushed everyone aside, leapt forward seven corrals, and became an elite runner who could easily keep pace with Joey the whole way.

That didn’t happen at all. Well, he did run the race. (You can see the photo on his twitter.) I didn’t actually cause a scene or push anybody. (But don’t even try me if Chris Kirkpatrick runs one.)

I kept my eyes open a bit on the large turnarounds. Is that him?! Nope. Aw, shucks. (Then again, what was I gonna do if I saw him whiz by me? “Joey! I love – aaand you’re gone.”)

I thought maybe if I pumped up some New Kids in my iPhone, perhaps I could summon him. “Step by Step! Oh, baby!”

I know it doesn’t really work that way, but it would’ve been so cool if it did, right?

Aurora De Lucia looking a bit tired as she finishes out Rock 'n' Roll Pasadena 2012I don’t ever look at the elevation map before a half marathon (which I’m sure is a brilliant idea). I always figure it’ll be a pleasant surprise when I get out there. What a fun surprise this one was. (There were plenty of hills to keep us busy.)

Tons of people were cheering all along the course. When I yelled out, “You’re awesome” to a group of girls holding inspirational signs (who’d been out there for hours), they yelled back “you’re awesome-et!” Huge thanks to everyone who came out and cheered for strangers. (You are the most awesome!)

In case you haven’t been following all the ankle drama, this was my first half marathon that I was able to run again (as opposed to walk). By mile 4, I was totally in heaven.

I didn’t care about my finishing time today. (Then again, when do I ever?) I just wanted to have a nice, super fun, exciting half marathon. I took some good ol’ wide turns, high-fiving spectators and some other runners behind me. I would run some, walk slowly, run again, etc.

I came in with a time of 3:30:27. If only I hadn’t gallivanted around so much, I could’ve done it in under 3:30 (which is what I generally try to do… for now, anyway). But, you know, it was my first one back after my little injury. No pressure.

Mark McGrath with his hands in the air at the Sugar Ray concert after Rock 'n' Roll Pasadena 2012
(the Sugar Ray concert after the show)

(Plus, who in the world (besides me) cares about a 27-second difference on such a slow time? We can start worrying about 27 seconds when it comes to qualifying for Boston.)

As I ran into the finish, there was sweet Annie (from the expo yesterday), in all of her race announcer glory. She high-fived me and said, “There she is! We’re gonna see a lot more of her this year. This is only the beginning.” You got that right!

Surprisingly, Joey McIntyre hadn’t been waiting for me at the finish. Bummer.

Non-bummer: I made it in time to catch the tail end of Sugar Ray’s rocking show. (I just want to fly!)

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  1. Wow — this is an ambitious goal. Congratulations on getting through 1/10 (almost) of it! Good luck moving forward, no pun intended. I too am running the Mini in Indy — see you there!

  2. Can’t wait to see more of your journey – I came back to read this post – Since this was my very first HAlf Marathon! You’re amazing ! gogo!

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