I Added New Orleans to the List

February 22, 2012

Rock N Roll New Orleans Half Marathon Logo
(photo credit: Competitor Group)

Earlier this week, I was still undecided on which race I’d do next weekend.

I had a list of a couple within a few hours of me. Way in the back of my mind, Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans was hanging out. It seemed a little on the silly side to go to a far away city, in which I didn’t know anyone, just to do another RnR race.

But, in the past couple of weeks, I had the best time couchsurfing at Sven’s house. Plus, I had so much fun at my first two Rock N Roll races… And I’d always wanted to go to New Orleans.

Then I thought about the fact that I didn’t have to come home and fly out again. I could spend a few more days with my friends in Orlando, and just change my plane tickets. (Thank you for no change fees and incredible freedom, Southwest!)

A couple of days ago, I decided to register, put in a request for a place in New Orleans on couchsurfing.org, and take the Greyhound from Orlando to New Orleans. Why not, right?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to prepare to leave my apartment in only 4 short hours and be gone for close to 2 weeks! (Yippee!)

[Edited to add: Little did I know, I actually wouldn’t be coming home for about 7 weeks – staying on the east coast to do Rock ‘n’ Roll USA, NC Half marathon, and April Fools’ race in Atlantic City (plus see some Broadway shows, and just generally hang out, travel, and have an all around spectacular, incredible time.]

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