I Love You, Orlando

February 23, 2012

LAX entrance sign at night (4:30 AM)
Bye-bye, L.A.

You know how I wear my Book of Mormon t-shirt at every half marathon?

Ever since I saw that incredible, Grammy winning, nine-time Tony winning musical, I cannot think of the city of Orlando without hearing Andrew Rannells singing “I love you, Orlando.”

And here I am in Orlando!

The moment I sat down for my first flight to Nashville, I totally zonked out. Hours later, I awoke to an awesome city. There’s a music theme going throughout the Nashville airport – pre-recorded announcements from country singers, and even a live band in the food court as part of “Arts at the Airport.” Awesome, right?

Within an hour, it was already time to board the plane to Orlando ((sings) “Orlando!”).

LAX Southwest terminal sun rising
Made it to the airport, through the crazy long security long, to the gate and the sun is still only just coming up.

Wouldn’t you know it? The man sitting next to me was flying out to see his wife do the Princess Half Marathon, and the woman in front of me was also running it.

Race weekend had begun. From then on, it seemed as though almost everyone I met was a runner (except for some people going to the All Star Game).

There was the woman at baggage claim doing her first half since having foot surgery.

It’s official; runners and walkers are infiltrating the city of Orlando, and you can find us everywhere.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you about all the cool stuff that happens at the expo.

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