Disney Princess Half Marathon Expo

February 24, 2012

Overview from above of lots of booths at the Disney Princess half marathon expo 2012As I was walking into ESPN Wide World of Sports (where the expo was being held), I just so happened to see Marty and Wendy walking out.

I was already planning on seeing them today (considering I’m staying in their rental house!), but this was impeccable timing.

We made a game plan. They awesome-ly took my luggage to their car, and they went to lunch with their family while I went into the expo.

You know how Plinko looks super fun on The Price is Right? got to play a Plinko-ish game for my first time at the Chiquita banana booth! Of course, the top prize was a banana (as opposed to thousands of dollars)… I did not win a banana.

Chiquita banana plinko game board at the Disney Princess half marathon expo 2012I met John, my brand new friend, at the Marine Corps Marathon booth. He was hilarious. I was telling him how I have to get the Rock N Roll Pop Idol medal since it’s as big as my face. He said that we should refer to it from here on out as the “face medal.” (He was spittin’ great ideas all day.)

I asked him how many marathons or half marathons he’d done, and he said none! By the end of our conversation, I got him to agree to run the Marine Corps half marathon with me in 2013.

(It’s possible that he won’t follow through with this… He has my contact info. I don’t have his. But, I’m gonna go ahead and assume that he is going to email me and we are obviously going to run that half marathon next year.)

[Edited to add: That did not happen. Wah wah.]

After the expo, Wendy and Marty came over (with their fun relatives, Becky and Barbara) to pick me up. We went to this nifty Target – but not just any Target. Oh, no. This was a Super Target, which is something I didn’t even know existed. We got Cranium and bananas in the same store!

Princess outside of a carriage at the Disney Princess expo 2012
(You could get your picture taken with princes outside the expo.)

When we were sitting around the table in the rental home, Marty asked me how I liked blogging. Then, he proceeded to talk about my blog! He reads this blog. No joke. He is possibly reading this sentence right now. (Hi, Marty!) Somebody out there is actually reading my blog (regularly)! Golly gee.

Becky and Barbara made us some delicious vegan fajitas for dinner. I’m not a vegan, but Wendy and Marty are, so I get to play a make-believe vegan for the week.

After dinner, we all sat around for a great game of Cranium! I won’t say who was on the winning team. ((cough, cough) I was.)

I’m pretty sure a re-match will most likely occur this week.

Car Entrance to Disney World - The Happiest Place On Earth Overpass SignI am having such an incredible time with this hilarious family. There is non-stop laughter in this house.

Now I gotta get to sleep! I have a 5k in the morning. I can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow.

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