Becky’s Last Day in Orlando

February 28, 2012

Aurora and friends making sad faces as they say goodbye to one of their group members outside the Orlando, Florida airport (MCO)Slowly but surely, our party posse is paring down. Now we are just the party trio.

Becky (Marty’s mom) went back home today. We all threw a humongous tantrum at the airport. (We didn’t really, but we did in our hearts.)

One of the many lovely things about Becky (that I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned on the blog yet) is her “compliment time.” At random points in the day, she would decide to start complimenting everyone in the room. How great is that? I’m pretty sure we should implement this everywhere in the world.

Before going to the airport, we went to eat at this incredible place called Ethos. Remember how I’m playing a make-believe vegan this week? (Well, I kind of, sort of am when I’m hanging out with awesome Wendy and Marty. But I’m kind of, sort of not when I’m with my other friends.)

Anyway, I was with the party posse today, so I was having fun playing a make-believe vegan. If all vegan foods were as good as the ones at Ethos, I could possibly be a real, honest-to-goodness vegan someday. Maybe… I mean, I do love Doritos so very, very much…

Vegan pizza from Ethos
This looks like any regular ol’ pizza, but it’s vegan!

After we ate and went to the saddest place in Orlando (also known as the airport), we went to Planet Smoothie(!!!) to get comfort smoothies. They comforted us as best as smoothies could.

We came home and tried Cranium with 3 people. (Wendy switched between teams.)

Golly, we sound kind of dorky, don’t we? But, it was really fun! (In case you’re keeping a score of the weekend, I was on the winning team again. Yee haw!)

Tomorrow, I’ll be at Disney for 24 hours celebrating Leap Day – since I assume Disney is keeping the park open that long as a personal challenge to me. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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