Blue Man Group/Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

February 29, 2012

Aurora and Marlee posing with some performers after the Blue Man Group show in OrlandoAs this is auto posting, I’m still at Disney World in hour 21 of 24 at the “One More Disney Day” leap day celebration.

While I’m off gallivanting, I thought I’d talk about a fun night in Orlando from earlier this week.

On Monday, I went to see Blue Man Group at Universal CityWalk with my friends Anna, Marlon, and Marlee. It was an amazing show.

The actors were great improvisers, ready for whatever audience participants threw at them. They were also talented musicians who had everyone dancing in the aisles. It was an incredible, fantastic mix of comedy, art, video, skits, and music. I loved it.

After the show, someone came up to us and said to my friend, “You’re Marlee, aren’t you?” She and her family said, “Yes.” The stranger said, “You’re amazing!” (My friend Marlee is an amazing dancer.)

Aurora and Marlee smiling and posing at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse in Orlando, FLWhen they asked how he knew her, he said, “[sarcastic tone] Really?” By his reaction, you’d think we were asking him how he knew who Janet Jackson was. It was hilarious and awesome. We got a huge kick out of it.

After the show, we went to Anna’s favorite restaurant – Kobe Japanese Steakhouse (which was perfect, since it was the day after her birthday). The food was absolutely delicious (and the conversation was wonderful to match)!

Dinner, a show, catching up with old friends whom I haven’t seen in probably over a year and a half(!), (sounds like I’m beginning a MasterCard commercial here, doesn’t it? “…priceless”). No, but really, it was super fun.

The me from yesterday (who’s writing this) has to go to sleep to prepare for 24 hours of Disney. (And the me from now has to go ride some more rides!) Bye! (Talk to you tomorrow!)

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