(#7) Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans – Part 2 (Justifying Being Slow :-P)

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Yesterday, I left off around mile 7. At that point in the race, I was still doing pretty well. I had been pacing to beat my time from last week’s Disney Princess Half until mile 8-ish, but I had been struggling to keep up since mile 1.

There came a point when I thought, it’s just not my race. I knew I’d be well within the time limit, even if I just sauntered the rest of the way, so I started walking.

I allowed myself a few minutes to beat myself up about it. “Oh, Aurora, you shouldn’t have had fried crawfish for dinner last night. You should’ve gone for a nice, really long walk and stretched better after your 16-hour Greyhound bus ride, you silly, silly girl.”

Those things probably mattered a little, but I’m not an elite athlete. (I’m not even a regular, ol’ athlete, really.) I can’t blame a slower race on small details. I had complete control over those details, so I could’ve tried to set myself up for a faster race, but I just didn’t… And, you know what? I don’t care that I walked about 5 miles of the race. I had an incredible time.

Running is my hobby. It helps take away stress. I cannot allow it to become stressful. (Have I convinced myself yet that it’s okay for me to not stay at the same level or improve with every single race? I know you guys have already moved on – “geez, girl, I get it!”)

After I stopped caring about my time, I pulled over to the side and took pictures and videos of some fun bands (and some of those awesome spectators that I talked about yesterday). I went around giving high-fives to fun strangers. I walked and danced to Michael Jackson in my ears as he told me to ease on down the road. I just had a silly, fun time. I loved it!

Earlier I said I had decided it wasn’t my race, but you know what? It was! I don’t care that I crossed the finish line 3 hours, 37 minutes, and 36 seconds after I crossed the start line.

(I heard someone at the start joke about how once you pay the money to do a race, you should try to be out there as long as you can to get your full money’s worth!)

There were tons of spectators lining the finish as I ran in. I high-fived down the line, jumping and cheering. (I loved hearing somebody say, “look, she’s smiling.” (Although, you’d think we’d all be smiling once we can see that finish line.))

Annie, from the Rock N Roll Pasadena expo was there welcoming runners to the finish, and she remembered me! As I ran past, she said “look who it is!”

Just as they promised at the expo, they had chocolate milk for us at the finish. It tasted so good! I was skeptical at first. I don’t think I’d ever even had chocolate milk before.  I LOVE regular milk so much. Why would I ever need chocolate? But, it was totally delicious (which makes me so sad because of the little debate we’re having in the comments section of the post that mentions getting milk at the finish line). I want milk to be really, really good for me and not leach calcium from my bones!

After the race, I met tons of wonderful new friends! Danielle from New York said she’d go see a Broadway show with me in the next couple of weeks when I’ll be up that way for a half marathon. (DC, NY, it’s all the same. If I’m going all the way to DC, how do I not make a stop in the greatest city in the world?)

Kathryn from Mississippi agreed to do her first half marathon with me! We’re shooting for one before my 52 in 52 challenge is over. I told her I was gonna put it in the blog and she said that means the pressure’s on! You know it, girl!

This half marathon gets a gold star for sure. I can’t wait for Rock N Roll USA in Washington DC. It’s got a lot to live up to after this!

6 thoughts on “(#7) Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans – Part 2 (Justifying Being Slow :-P)

  1. Dan

    A 16-hour bus ride? Is that a hyperbolic number or did you really spend that much time on a bus? Gotta stretch those legs!

    And chocolate milk is the ULTIMATE post-race food. I’m usually pretty nauseated after marathons and the only rich food I can put down without grimacing is chocolate milk (preferably in the form of a protein shake). Congrats on crossing off another fun weekend off the calendar, and thanks for reading my (too long) Little Rock post!

    1. Aurora De Lucia

      An honest to goodness 16-hour bus ride. I got in on Friday, though, so I had plenty of time to stretch and run it out. I just didn’t use that time wisely. (I took a very long nap as soon as I got there, instead of a very long walk.)

      Thanks, and congrats to you too! Little Rock sounded like quite an adventure!

  2. Barbara Patton

    Aurora, you are a free spirit! The angels must have a great time following you around and having fun meeting new people and taking pictures! YOU GO GIRL!

    Barbara Patton

  3. Danielle

    Danielle from New York. That’s me! It was so nice to meet you! I look forward to following your adventures!


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