The Book of Mormon (The Musical, of Course) – Part 2 (The “Line Family Fun/Jared is Amazing” Chapter)

March 8, 2012

new friends playing games passing time in the Book of Mormon standing room line
Peter, Kristin, and Lauren playing Botticelli (or at least re-creating playing it for our fun photo-op).

Continuing from yesterday, finally, around 10am someone else showed up. Yee haw!

7 different people came and went at different times within the next hour and a half, flabbergasted that the line was so short.

They were ready to wait, until they each learned that The Book of Mormon does not have matinees on Wednesdays.

Around 12:30, the party really started picking up when Peter and Kristin joined the line. Time flew by as we played Botticelli. (It took about 400 years for us to finally guess Will Wheaton. (Good job, Kristin.))

If any of you are curious as to what time you need to join the standing room line for Book of Mormon tickets, around 3:15 there were 12 people, so that was the point of danger territory – you might get shut out if you came after that. (Of course, this was a Wednesday in the middle of one of the first weeks of March. So, who knows, really?)

A little after 4, one of my friends from high school stopped by to say hi to me! (He had already seen the show. We actually saw the final dress rehearsal together about a year ago.)

Kristin’s friend, Lauren, also showed up around that time. Around 4:30, we all enter the ticket lottery. Kristin’s name gets called! I’m so happy for her and Lauren. They now have front row seats to The Book of Mormon!

The lottery guy moves on to calling the names for the box seats – and Lauren’s name gets called! Lauren and Kristin offered their extra pair of box seats to me and Peter if he wanted, but he decided to stick it out and wait for a pair of standing room tickets, so that he and his friend would be able to see the show together.

As we wondered what to do with the 4th ticket, the girls and I thought why not call Tom, the coffee guy, who waited for hours with me in the morning? Tom came on down to see the show. Isn’t it nice when everything works out perfectly, all tied up in a nice little bow like that?

People who'd won the Book of Mormon lottery with a sad person behind them who didn't win
They won the lottery! But Peter didn’t. That’s his sad face. Wah wah.

I had close to two hours until show time, so I booked it to Penn Station, went in the bathroom, ripped off my gazillion layers of clothes, changed into a dress, and walked quickly back.

The show was incredible. Seriously. As I said, I’d seen it before (and I listen to the soundtrack all the time). I guess I had somehow forgotten in the last 8 months that Broadway is magical. Seriously, honest to goodness, magic.

There is an entire level of happiness and love in this life that I forgot all about while living in California. There is nothing in this world like seeing a Broadway show.

Jared was phenomenal (no surprise there!). I had seen him in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (my favorite show ever) a few years ago. He had this incredible ability to take this kinda annoying character and make him actually, truly lovable. Jared has this incredible quality onstage – you can’t help but love him. (He exudes that quality off the stage as well, actually.)

And don’t even get me started on his wonderful voice. From the moment I saw The Book of Mormon a year ago, I knew that Jared would rock this show like no other. And he did. I had waited so long to finally see him in all of his glory, and I’m unbelievably glad that I was able to!

As I watched some of his biggest moments onstage, I thought, “Look at him! He’s singing his heart out, center stage in a Broadway smash!” He deserves every bit of this awesome-ness.

After the show, we talked for a little while. Jared is one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever met. He first met me when I was this totally dorky, musical theater obsessed teenager. (I guess actually not all that much as changed.)

He has always been super duper nice to me since day one. I cannot say enough nice things about him. I will be a total fan of his forever. I cannot wait to see what’s next in store for him! (And I can’t wait to hopefully see him in this show again. It was far too amazing to only see once!)

(p.s. I say more in part 3.)

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