A Few Days in Ohio (Recap)

March 21, 2012

(This was actually another picture from Florida, but it was applicable here.)

I breezed over my stop in Ohio. (It’s been a few busy weeks!) So, let me give you the recap.

Oh, Ohio. I remember when I first graduated high school, and I rushed out of the state as soon as a bus could get me to New York. (And I loved every second of being in NY.)

I used to think that going back to visit Ohio was kind of lame. “I’m a grown up now! I’m busy in a big city.” Blah blah blah. (I was such a little punk, right?) Granted, I really was working a ton. So very much. It’s a little tiring just thinking about it. 😉 So, I really couldn’t visit a lot.

Not all that many years later (let’s get real, I’m still a kid, right?), Ohio is actually sort of cool.

I did a lot of the fun, usual Ohio stuff. My dad lives down the street from a Planet Smoothie(!), so obviously I had that once (twice) a day.

I saw my incredible theater teacher from high school. I’m pretty sure I could write at least four blog entries on how incredible she is. For now, how about I just say that she completely changed my life.

My friend, Staley, and I went to this place I’d never heard of called Katalina’s for his birthday. Thank goodness I’m doing so many half marathons, or I’m pretty sure I’d weigh about 300 pounds after this extended vacation from which it seems as though I’m never going home. Luckily, we didn’t eat any full portions – just tried things here and there. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have been able to move to leave.

We had these Swedish pancake balls with Nutella inside, sweet and spicy bacon with maple syrup, a white chocolate and strawberry cupcake, and more. Is this putting you in a mood for a run, or what? Or maybe a mood to eat.

Staley posing with our smorgasbord on his birthday
Staley with part of our smorgasbord on his birthday.

While in Ohio, I visited my friend Josh. He works at a movie theater and was able to get us free tickets to Friends with Kids. Score.

Speaking of my time with Josh, we also went to eat a delicious new food creation. You know how I never shut up about how much I adore Doritos? Well, have you heard that there is this new thing – Doritos Locos Tacos – at Taco Bell? The tacos were everything we dreamed they would be. Yum.

Speaking of Doritos, while in Ohio, I was talking to one of my friends about how my half marathon training was going, and how nutrition was playing into it. I said, “Well, it was going really well for a while. Then I sprained my ankle. Then I got lazy for a bit. Then – ”
He finished my sentence. “Then you found a bag of Doritos?”
“Yeah! How did you know? Oh, do you read my blog?”
“No, I know you.”

One thing I really enjoyed in Ohio was all the music that came sweeping back into my life. Four of us hung out and sang barbershop together. (Am I, or am I not a total nerd? ‘Cause I feel as though I kind of come off as a complete nerd sometimes in this blog.)

Josh's parents after our delicious dinner
Josh’s parents after dinner. I was going to take a picture of the dinner, but we got distracted by eating…

I also gravitated toward my piano. I remember the Christmas when I got it, and I immediately sat down to play, as though it had always been mine, and belonged underneath my hands.

I’m not the best piano player, but I do enjoy giving a highly emotional rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream.”

Josh’s mother (an award-winning cook) made me and her family a very delicious dinner. Josh’s parents have been so supportive of me for forever. It’s always nice to see them.

Possibly the biggest highlight of the trip: I went with my dad to help him pick out his running shoes(!).I can’t wait to see how they work out.

What an enjoyable, whirlwind trip.

Come back tomorrow for a post about my hilarious sister.

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