(#10) Atlantic City April Fools Half Marathon – Part 1 (Being Lazy & Getting To Jersey)

April 1, 2012

Aurora turned to the side with her April Fools medal in Atlantic City 2012I’m pretty sure I’m the laziest half marathoner. Last week, I talked about taking it easy. This week, same thing.

I took the 3:30am bus to Atlantic City (from New York). This meant I realistically had to leave Far Rockaway around midnight.

I needed to give myself 2 hours to get into the city, plus a chunk of time to wait at the Greyhound station. Since Greyhound is first come, first serve, I’ve been pushed to a later bus before by not getting there early enough. With a half marathon start time to make, I couldn’t get pushed this time.

All that being the case, my plan was to try to sleep as much during the day as possible, wake up in the early evening, get ready, and go.

I’d act as though the night was the morning and as far as my body clock was concerned, I’d be running a half marathon in my late afternoon . Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how it worked.

I went to bed on the morning of the 31st, hoping to sleep late into the day. I woke up tired in the middle of the day, and could not get back to sleep. So much for my brilliant plan. I vegged for a little, figuring at least rest had to be kind of like sleep.

I ended up leaving around 8:30pm, killing some time at the movie theater by Port Authority, watching “Safe House.” (I smell a sequel.)

After the movie, I waited in line at Port Authority while reading a triathlon magazine until thirty minutes or so late, the bus came. Off we all went to Atlantic City.

tiny wodden incline leading to the pier at the Atlantic City Boardwalk
(the only (slight) incline in the whole race)

I took a little nap on the bus, waking up at Bally’s Casino when packet pick-up was starting.

The people at packet pick-up were very kind. We got blue race shirts. (I love when the shirts are anything but white and when they have women’s cut. Check and check. Thanks, April Fools Half Marathon.)

I changed into my race clothes, brushed my teeth, and went to look for coffee. When I got to the café, I didn’t even have enough brain power/focus to remember that I wanted caffeine. I ended up eating some Lucky Charms.

There was some super enjoyable pre-race music (Backstreet Boys) in the hotel all morning.

As it got closer to 8am, I headed outside, dropped my stuff at gear check, and went to the start. They held the race for 15 minutes to help runners who were having trouble parking. (Apparently, Atlantic City was hopping with multiple events this weekend.)

My only goal was to make it through without lying down for a nap in the middle of the race.

Aurora posing with her April Fools Atlantic City half marathon medal 2012 My legs are feeling pretty fresh after taking it easy in North Carolina last week, and I wanted to keep them that way in preparation for the big Hollywood Half next week. I lightly jogged most of the first mile, ’til I slowed down to a walk.

There were a couple of other races that morning – an 11k and a 7k. They both started a little after the half. So, it was funny to have the half field get nice and spread out – just to all of a sudden be in a big pack again, experiencing lots of people passing me… Aaand then again a 3rd time.

This was such a nice, relaxed race, with the first 3 miles all along the boardwalk.

As I passed the first band, the lead singer was coming out very close to the course. He almost looked as though he was gonna start holding the microphone out and getting people to sing with him. Can you imagine – run-by audience participation/karaoke? It sounded fun and silly, but it didn’t happen (as far as I know).

[Edited to add: I did see a half marathon with karaoke for runners later.]

Will I make it to the end before I fall asleep? Find out tomorrow.

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