Honey, I’m Home. (aka Don’t Cry For Me, New York City)

April 5, 2012

I said don’t cry for me, but I will sure as goodness cry for myself as they call my flight to leave! Can you tell my left cheek is wet from my single tear business?

I had an unbelievable amount of fun in New York. I have so very much to say, which will certainly fill blog entries between races probably all the way up until I leave again in three weeks for the Kentucky Derby half.

As of yesterday, I’m back in Los Angeles. I remember when I was only going to go away for a weekend for the Disney Princess half. Right before I left, I decided to stay for one week so I could go to RnR New Orleans. While there, I decided I just didn’t want to go home.

Almost 6 weeks later, I finally made it back to a humongous pile of mail (that I’m still making my way through), some expired yogurt, and an ever filling DVR. (I can finally watch the Academy Awards! Shhh… Don’t tell me what happened.)

Know what’s weird? I feel as though I was just home, and now I’m visiting – and I’ll be going back soon… but that’s not how it works. I live in California.

California is sort of, kind of like home now. I was happy to come back to people who’ve noticed I’ve been gone. The security men in my building have been very welcoming, as has my roommate, as have the people at the grocery store.

When people asked what I did while I was gone, I realized as I was saying it, “Well, I ran 5 half marathons.” Crazy, right? It seems so long since I’ve been here when you say it out loud.

It is nice to come back to such a ridiculously spacious apartment. If I had this same apartment in New York, I’d have to be a gatrillionaire.

Look what was in the mail from Marty and Wendy! A shirt to match hers! How awesome, right?

It was hard to leave NY. On my last night, I went to go see The Book of Mormon (surprise, surprise) and I just couldn’t leave Times Square afterward. I hung out, walking around the city for four hours before I went back to Far Rockaway to get my stuff. And I only did that, ’cause I had to get to the airport.

It took everything I had to get on that plane. Every. Single. Thing. Granted, part of that was my incredible, extreme lack of sleep, which will always make a person more emotional. Part of it was my deep love for New York City, my friends, theater, public transportation, and oh so much more.

I did not handle leaving New York well at all. I ended up crying (just little, few tears crying, not totally sobbing) on the subway, at the counter as I checked my bag, in the security line, at the gate. I just could not get it together! I know I can cry on cue and all, but this was a lot, even for me!

Luckily, I assume anyone who works within the vicinity of any New York airport deals with people straight up sobbing on an hourly basis. (‘Cause how can anyone leave?) So I’m sure my few tears were nothing.

I remember when I moved to LA 8 months ago, and I pretty much had a breakdown at the airport. I expected it then. This time, I knew I was coming back to Cali. No surprises or life decisions there. Somehow, I was still profoundly affected.

I have to take the passion I picked up in New York, and the renewed sense of really living, and the joy and love I received, and keep it close to my heart while I’m here in LA. (After all, “the truth is I never left you.”)

If I was ever going to come back to Cali, I picked the right time! I have a lot to look forward to. Tomorrow, I see my lovely, lovely dentist. My dentist is probably the best thing about living here. (Props to Dr. Dorfman!)

Plus Fareed is visiting this week! And I have the Hollywood Half Marathon coming up on Saturday, which should be loads of fun.

Thanks to my roommate for holding down the fort while I was gone. Thanks to my lovely friends in NY for tickets to shows, hospitality, time, love, everything. Thanks to all of you for continuing to read the blog, and I can’t wait to tell you stories of my trip!

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    1. Thank you! And oh my gosh, you have no idea! I have probably at least 5 posts coming up about my adventures in the city. I had an amazing time. Example: I randomly met one of my very favorite actors one day on 8th avenue! I can’t get over it. That story’s coming soon… 🙂

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