My Hilarious Dad

May 3, 2012

my Daddy at the finish of the Rose Bowl 5k - Pasadena, CA - January 22, 2012
My dad all smiles when I saw him after my race

In honor of my dad’s first half marathon this weekend, I thought I’d share a story that’s been sitting around waiting to be shared.

Remember when I told you about my dad’s first 5k? Well, I could NEVER tell this story with the amount of hilarity that I’m pretty sure it deserves, but I have to share anyway.

It’s not as funny when I try to tell it in words as it is when I try to just tell it, so I tried to tell it in a video. (In case you’re wondering where I am in the video, it’s my hotel room on my first night in Orlando.)

Go ahead and skip down to the video. Or in case you can’t see the video, or don’t want to watch, I’ll also tell you the story here in writing as well.

My dad ran his first 5k in January while I did a half marathon. By the time I’d finished my race, hours had passed since he’d crossed the finish line. He had gotten to meet new people, have free food and beer, relax, and just generally have a great time. When I saw him it was all smiles and dancing to Michael Jackson music.

“Great job, sweetheart. I’m so proud. I had the very best time! I’m so glad you convinced me to do this race. Let’s go have lunch.”

In my mind, I envisioned him crossing the finish line with a huge smile, having the time of his life. That’s certainly what his attitude at the time would have me believe.

A few days later, I got an email saying the photos had come out. Sweet! I had to look up my dad so I could see him in all his glory, since I was so bummed that I couldn’t see it that day.

When this photo came up, I laughed for five straight minutes. Seriously. I laugh as I type this, because it is my favorite picture ever.

[wpvideo zPsMFypu]

You can watch this video if you want to see me try (unsuccessfully) to tell the story without cracking up. (Sorry about the bit of extra noise from my computer.)

[wpvideo DuzIDSk2]

You can watch this video to see the picture. (No sound. It just reveals the still image.) Don’t get excited. I built it up too much. And I think you really had to be there with him that day for it to actually be funny.

There It is. My favorite photograph! He’s sighing. He’s rolling his eyes. He’s still wearing the heavy sweater he chose to wear to a 5k. Every thing about it is hilarious. And I love it. I cannot wait to race with my dad this weekend!

4 thoughts on “My Hilarious Dad”

  1. Can you post those photos of your dad?? If they cracked you up that much, they must be something. You got me laughing so hard, I couldn’t stop. – Lawrence

    1. I’m glad it made you laugh!

      I have the photo of my dad in a second video (underneath the story video). When you press play, the picture comes up after a second or so. I lengthened the time the photo is up, so hopefully it’s easier to see. 🙂

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