The Train Is Late, So While We Wait, We’re Gonna Do a Little Dance (NY Trip Part 3)

May 15, 2012

Bart and Lisa Simpson (of The Simpsons) sleeping in Springfield's church(There aren’t actually any late trains in my story. I’m just taking all my titles in this series from the song “Broadway” in Gypsy.)

After Evita on Tuesday, I ended up staying up all night yet again. (That seems to be a running theme in my trip to New York.) The following day, I happily got rush tickets for Death of a Salesman.

For the first time (and probably only time it’ll ever happen), I took a nap at intermission of a Broadway show. I was way in the corner, so hopefully no one noticed. I know. I know. I know it’s inappropriate and embarrassing to doze off in your seat during intermission (and I probably shouldn’t admit that I did), but I couldn’t keep my eyes open for another second.

The actors were acting their butts off. Of course the show didn’t bore me or anything. I just got oh-so-little sleep while in New York. Don’t worry, I woke up as the  lights flashed to end intermission.

After Death of a Salesman, I filled my veins with even more caffeine and sugar, and at night made my way to Peter and the Starcatcher, which was absolutely breathtaking. (I gave it its own post.)

The following day, I went to see the first preview of Nice Work if You Can Get It. Now that Matthew Broderick is back on Broadway, how do I not go see it, right? It was also a joy to see Kelli O’Hara. Billie was a great part for her. And Matthew Broderick is Matthew Broderick. You know what you expect from him, and he gives it.

At the stage door, I met these two guys who stood next to me and felt the exact opposite way from me about every single thing that was on Broadway or had ever been on Broadway. So, weird right? (Except, they liked The Book of Mormon, of course. Who doesn’t?)

That weekend, I did the April Fools Half Marathon. On that Tuesday, I went to see The Book of Mormon one last time, on my last night in town. (It still hurts to say “last night in town.” How does anyone ever leave New York in anything but tears?) I have a lot of fun things to say about The Book of Mormon, and I can’t wait to continue that series on the blog soon!

Wrapping up the small non-Broadway parts of my New York trip, I walked around the city a bit, stopped by the 24-hour Apple Store (and took a quick pass by gorgeous Central Park while I was there). I saw many of friends (unfortunately, not all of them). I ate at White Castle! (Yum. Oh east coast, you’re so awesome.)

I tried the new fancy “Steak ‘n Shake Signature.” Phil was so pumped when Steak ‘n Shake came to New York (pretty recently) that his enthusiasm was infectious. I had to try it. (I went with him, of course.) It’s just normal Steak ‘n Shake (awesome), except it’s not open 24 hours (not so awesome).

I went with Phil and one of his friends to see the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. I hadn’t read the books, and I didn’t know much about it, but I really enjoyed it. How wonderful to see a movie in which the main character is a strong, smart, not too sexualized female. (And a female who doesn’t have to learn in the end to be softer.) Where are all the other movies like this?

a view of the pond at the bottom of Central Park by Columbus Circle
I love Central Park.

(I’m not going to act as though there’s not a place for super sexy or super weak females in movies. Of course there is place for all types of characters – that’s the thing. All types. And I think currently we’ve got about 400:1 weak women characters who rely on a man:Katinss type characters. Just saying. Bravo, Suzanne Collins. Bravo.)

I briefly saw Tom (my bff from the last time I saw The Book of Mormon) in Times Square, which of course was fun. I had some delicious Tasti-D-Lite, and I think that basically covers my trip to New York.

Broadway, wonderful time with Phil, delicious frozen desert, awesome scenery as I walk around the city, no sleep. I think that covers it.

The only story left to tell from this trip is the fun one of going back to see The Book of Mormon for the third time! Coming soon.

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