The Trip to Portland (The Traveling Part)

May 24, 2012

I forgot to mention my crazy traveling adventure of my trip out to Portland. (It’s not that crazy, so don’t get too excited.)

LAX was busting at the seams when I got there! I had never seen a line for security screening be so long. (That is not an exaggeration.)

I just kept walking, and walking, and walking until I finally made it to the back – all the way in another terminal. (That part is an exaggeration.)

I’m not totally sure what was happening that made the airport so crowded. There was a large school group flying somewhere. But was the group really that large?

Slowly but surely, the line moves. I’m getting closer to where I can maybe, possibly see the entrance to LAX again. (The line wound around outside.)

All of a sudden, I see someone in the middle of her crazy long trek to the back of the line. She looks so much like my friend Amber (who’s been mentioned on the blog before at the Hollywood Half).

Of course, how could it be Amber? That’d be pretty nuts, right? If at 6 something in the morning I happen across Amber at LAX? I’m sure you’ve all jumped ahead of me, that yes. It was Amber. Insane, right?

She had these big sunglasses on, and I couldn’t see her very well. I yelled out her name on the off chance it actually was here. Sure enough, she turned around.

We talked all the way ’til we got to security. She was selected for additional screening. I wanted to hug her goodbye, but the TSA people freaked out when we got close to each other. (I understand they’re just doing their jobs.) Amber and I gave each other sad looks, and I made my way to my gate where I walked straight onto the plan. My flight was finishing up boarding (otherwise I would’ve just waited for Amber).

Homer Simpson crying, looking at his list of inventions vs. Edison's in the Wizard of Evergreen Terrace episode of The Simpsons, in which Homer Simpson becomes an inventor.
The only other window I’ve had into the life of an inventor.

Later, on the flight from my layover, I ended up sitting next to this man, Michael, who invented the guide that pops up on televisions. Crazy, right? He’s (of course) a super duper millionaire. (Yes, he was still talking Southwest, ’cause it’s the bomb.)

Michael has loads of patents, and talked about how everything he makes off of his patents now goes directly to charity.

He was riveting. It was funny because he came from a family with roots in television. His dad knew Mary Tyler Moore! Yet, he lit up the most when he talked about his kids and grandkids. (Parents, right? They’re always like that. So funny.)

Anyway, he’s traveled the world. He loves hiking. He used to have his own company that had all these incredible perks for his employees. He had so many great stories. Being around him was inspiring. He’s the kind of person that really makes you want to seize the day. There was a special energy or something that just emanated off of him.

He’s done so much! It is possible, people. I was looking right at someone who had a bunch of things that I wanted. (Mainly, I want a company that takes care of all the employees so nicely. That’s a big ol’ dream of mine. Don’t worry, at some point you’ll see it come to fruition.)

Anyway, it’s out there. People making their own dreams (and the dreams of others) happen everyday.

Probably none of you are quite as inspired by my talk with Michael as I was, ’cause you kind of had to be there. But, I hope you get your own Michael on your next flight.

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  1. After my daughter had surgery, and an Air force Colonel found out (Us Army find ourselves working with the Air Force all the time) he came up to me and said, ‘I didn’t know about your daughter’s surgery. You know Heroes walk among us every day and we never know it.” I never felt like a hero doing what I had to do to save my daughter’s life, but this line stuck with me. When I ran with you the other day, you were Aurora, a woman on a journey to complete her umteeth half marathon. When you friended me and I read your blog, I was like ‘Wow- heroes walk among us every day! Here is this young woman running 52 HM’s in 52 weeks AFTER heart surgery.’ So Aurora I salute you 🙂

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