Traveling to Laguna Hills – Part 2 (Picking Up The Car & Getting There)

May 29, 2012

Marge, Maggie, Lisa, Bart, and Homer Simpson singing while driving in the snow to Alaska from the Simpsons movie.Picking up from Part 1

When I went to pick out my car from the Alamo lot at some crazy early time in the morning, I saw someone sleeping (tossing and turning a little) in the back of one of the cars. It looked to be a homeless man.

I almost went in and alerted the Alamo people that there was someone sleeping in one of their cars. Then I thought, that homeless man is really smart – to think about a parked rental car as a place to sleep, figure out a way to get into the Alamo lot without attracting attention, and pick a car at the end of a row where he hopefully wouldn’t be noticed. He’s also super brave to be willing to try it. I know how wonderful sleep is, and how horrible it is when it’s always interrupted. So, I let him rest.

I know Alamo can’t have homeless people sleeping in all their cars. But, I thought the man’s ingenuity and bravery should be rewarded with a somewhat good night’s sleep. Who am I to decide what he deserves or make decisions about people loitering in other people’s property? But, who am I to nark on him either, right?

Also, what do I know? For all I know, it’s someone who works there, who from my angle happened to look homeless.

I walked away and picked my car – a red one this time. Stylish, right? (It was a Corolla for anyone wondering). And radio stations were playing my jams all night/morning long!

Al Green in front of a microphone (in a red tie) with a huge smile.
Sing it to me, Al!

I kept landing on all these great oldies songs – Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and all that good stuff. “Let’s Stay Together” came on twice while I was driving. Twice. I was grooving and singing my face off. You should’ve been there. It was pretty much a party.

I passed the exit for Disneyland twice (the way there and the way back). It’s weird to pass Disneyland and not go. It’s not everyday that you pass “the happiest place on Earth.” It’s a little off living pretty close to it, yet never coming close enough to remember that I do.

Me driving by Disneyland: “Oh my gosh, look Disneyland! Disneyland? Geez, when you’re close enough to Disney, you should probably go, right?… Oh, wait. I could come here any day that I wanted to. There is a bus that drives right by my apartment at least once an hour that says ‘Disneyland’ on the top.”

When I arrived back at Alamo, I heard the sweet-voiced recording on loop that welcomes you back, and tells you not to forget any of your belongings. It’s sort of like Disney after all; your ride is coming to an end. Time to raise up your lap bar, exit your vehicle, and go get your funnel cake.

(No, there were not actually lap bars or funnel cakes.)

Postscript: This doesn’t have anything to do with the trip, but in case I don’t mention it anywhere else on the blog, later that night I went to The Groundlings Theatre to see the absolutely hilarious show, The Black Version (created by the super talented Jordan Black). (Last night it featured the comedy stylings of guest star Wayne Brady.) If you live in LA and have not seen this show, get tickets immediately! So. funny.

Tomorrow is already Wednesday! So, I’ll continue with the Wednesday night series about that time I had a heart problem. After that, I still owe you the story of the half marathon itself (not just the drive down there)!

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