(#19) Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego – Part 4 (Karaoke and Brunch)

June 9, 2012

Aurora De Lucia and her new friends at lunch after Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Half Marathon 2012 Yesterday, I left off running past karaoke.

After I had gone not too terribly far past it, I thought, “When in my life have I ever turned down karaoke?” Never. The answer is never. I turned around, ran back, and the woman told me to hop onstage.

I figured, “I worked really hard in this race. Who cares about my chip time?” I sang and sang and sang. And sang. We didn’t get to pick the songs, they just kept coming up, hit after hit. I sang lead in some and acted as a back-up singer in others.

I kept thinking about leaving, but then another one of my jams would come on. Finally, I had to leave. I felt selfish continuing to share the stage with people! I was there for something like 5 songs. I probably wasted about 25 minutes on running out, back again, singing, singing, singing, and running out again.

It was too fun. I could’ve sang and danced for hours. After karaoke, I started running again and remembered how tiring that was. Can’t somebody just let me sing and dance some more?

As I ran to the next corner, I heard Michael Jackson blaring from the DJ booth. Aw, yeah! The only problem was, the speakers were set up in a way that one was across the street somewhere and there was some sort of delay between them. Slightly different parts of the song seemed to be playing at the same time, which was kind of disorienting and a little unpleasant. Luckily, it was a Michael Jackson song. Even if it gets messed up, how unpleasant can it really be?

I kept going along pretty slowly. I walked a lot and finally started to jog again once the end was in my sights.

Annie was there at the finish and still remembered me! “Look who it is!” she said into the microphone. Of course, probably no one but the two of us knew who I was, but I knew!

Right after I crossed the finish line, I saw Brandon! He had actually stuck around and waited all that time for me – our whole little group had. (I felt a little bad for wasting so much time at karaoke! I didn’t realize people would stick around for me.)

He led the delirious me through the finish chute. I got chocolate milk, Gatorade, Marathon bars, and other snacks.

I got some ice on my knee. (Yes, it is still nagging me a little. For new blog readers – Unfortunately, it hurts because my grandma is the female Chuck Norris, not because I got some crazy running injury. (The “female Chuck Norris” description was given to me by a blog follower. Thanks, Kristen!) And yes, I know I should have a doctor look at my knee. I will get to it for sure.)

I got to go to the special booth and get my Super 6 medal. Brandon acted as though I were a total super hero for the rest of the day. (Funny, ’cause his time totally spanked mine.)

We met up with the rest of the group and got on the shuttle to go back to the cars. I was a total mess, and sat down immediately. Everyone else held up way better than I did (and finished way faster).

I finished in 3 hours and 33 minutes, which honestly I’m really happy with. If I can take a huge karaoke break in the middle of a race and still finish in 3:33, I call it a successful race (for where I am now).

On the bus ride to the cars, I looked at Joy and apologized for not keeping up with her. She was an amazing pacer, and tried so hard to get me to finish in 3 hours. I told her that next year I could do it in three with her. She looked at me and said, “2:30.” It’s on like Donkey Kong, baby!

Next year I won’t be doing nearly as many half marathons. But this one was truly incredible and I’ll be back next year to finish under 2:30.

The gang went out to Soup Plantation. My friend Sheeva met us there and we had a grand ol’ time.

Later that night, I had incredible burgers with Sheeva at Burger Lounge, and before you knew it, it was time to go back home to LA.

*Side note, I know there are usually more pictures. Due to the incredibly slow nature of my computer that has something wrong with it, I’m unable to upload more until I get this baby fixed. Soon!

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  1. I wanted to stop and sing karaoke but instead just shouted the lyrics as I jogged by. And your timing was good considering. Hey do you remember seeing a couple having a mimosa breakfast on Friars road? I thought that was the coolest but didn’t snap a photo 🙂

    I sure do hope to meet you at a race someday. You’re energy seems infectious

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