A Red Eye Flight to a Marathon Is an Excellent Idea. (That’s Sarcasm)

June 15, 2012

Fry from Futurama stressed out.
This is the gist of the man next to me on this flight.

Tomorrow’s post will talk about choosing this marathon so my parents could be at my first full.

For now, I’ll just say that if I wanted to do this one, the only way that I could get there (without missing anything I couldn’t miss in Los Angeles) was to take the overnight flight.

Now, I am awesome at sleeping on planes. I’m awesome at sleeping anywhere – buses, trains, Port Authority, wherever. If it’s a place, I can sleep there.

But my sleep schedule is never right for running events. I’m a stay up late, get up late type of person, which especially doesn’t work in my favor when I’m switching time zones from west coast to east coast.

I am smart enough to know this wasn’t my best idea ever. But you know how sometimes you make a decision that you know isn’t all that smart but convince yourself of the reasons you have to do it anyway? At least I knew what I was getting myself into…

I’ve tried to sleep on this flight. I can make a bunch of excuses such as the unhappy baby behind me, or the man beside me who genuinely thought we were going to die during a bad spell of turbulence. He grabbed my leg and said, “Jesus!” He started looking through his iPhone at pictures of his kids as though they were going to be the last thing he ever saw.

We’re going to be okay, man.

In the end, if I’m tired enough, I can sleep. You gotta let people breathe and cry and feel emotions, you know? They can do whatever they want, and I can sleep if I want. I seem not to be letting myself. My mind is working, which it should want to do in sleep. But tonight is not my night, I guess.

Tomorrow’s (today’s, in Ohio) 26.2 miles will be super pleasant, I’m sure.

For now, let’s try this whole sleep thing again…

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