Thank You Options for Your Donations to Broadway Impact

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Edited to add: Hey y’all! I’m still fundraising for various races, but this 2012 idea has timed out. So, I’m no longer offering these things… But if you really want something, write me and we’ll see if we can work it out! :-)

In case you didn’t come here from my fundraising page, here’s a link to it: Click me!

And in case you haven’t heard, I’m running for charity, yo!

I am unbelievably excited about running for Broadway Impact. More on that in tomorrow’s blog post. For now, let me tell you what I’m offering* as my way to say thanks for your donations:

(Skip down below these fun things for answers to some questions.)

$20 donation – Personalized thank you card. In the mail and everything.

$30 donation – Thank you video. (Don’t get too excited – no fancy editing and action sequences, just me talking. (There will possibly be jokes or character voices. We’ll see.))

$49 donation – Iʼll serenade you with a song!
Whatever song you want – pop, musical theater, jazz, rock, rap, whatever. You name it, Iʼll do it. Iʼll even perform it for you up to 5 times, and you can give me notes in between (or shout them at me mid-song!) on how youʼd like it to be different (either guiding me to the performance you want, or just playing around for fun. Example: “This time do it as though youʼre being born at the beginning of the song and you age throughout, and at the end you die.” “Now do it while crumping!” “Now do it as a robot!” “Now a sexy robot.” and on and on). (Duets accepted for sure, if youʼd rather sing together.)

(Donate enough for 4 songs, I’ll throw in a 5th one for fun.)

$99 donation – Iʼll learn a dance for you.
My gymnastics are non-existent, and my tap dancing is sub-par. But, I will estimate choreography as best as I can for you to any song. If we canʼt find the choreography anywhere, Iʼm happy to make it up with/for you. Again, Iʼll perform the song up to 5 times taking whatever notes you want to give. In case you want to see an example, click here to watch the time I learned the Single Ladies dance for a class I was in.

(Donate enough for 4 songs, I’ll throw in a 5th one for fun.)

$108 donation – I will pace you in a half marathon.
Now, in case you havenʼt seen, Iʼm mighty slow. So, this is really only for people who want to finish in about 3 1/2 – 4 hours. But if you just want to have someone there to make sure that you donʼt quit and that youʼre entertained, well, then Iʼm your girl. Whatever you want – trivia at every mile, jokes, stories – you want it, you got it.

$129 donation – Song and dance.
Separately or together. If you want me to break out a song and dance to “I Canʼt Do It Alone” from Chicago, Iʼm in. If you want me to belt out a ballad from Dreamgirls, then dance to a Britney Spears song, you got it. Again, whatever songs you pick, you get ʻem up to 5 times with whatever notes you want to give me.

(Donate enough for 4 songs, I’ll throw in a 5th one for fun.)

$250 donation – We get to spend the day together!
Wanna climb a mountain, or take a road trip, or karaoke all day? Wanna sit around and watch the entire series of Seinfeld? Wanna eat Chipotle, then catch a movie at Graumanʼs? All day at Disneyland, maybe? Do you want me to just come over and do your laundry and vacuum? I am up for almost any adventure you want to have – but I donʼt pet animals (or hang out anywhere close to dogs), and I canʼt swim.

$495 donation – I will act out an entire musical for (or with) you.
Want to see me play every part in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee? Do you want me to recreate my performance (only better (hopefully)) of Tell Me On A Sunday – that one person Andrew Lloyd Webber musical I did in high school? Want me to play Cathy and you can play Jamie in The Last 5 Years? Whatever part(s) of whatever musicals you want me to see act out in your living room – Iʼm in.

*If somehow people start throwing money at me, I may discontinue certain things, change prices on certain things, or start other things. So, this list is subject to change.

Question Section:

1) Where do you come perform these things for me?

Wherever you want, pretty much. Your living room, your backyard, my living room, the park, wherever.

2) What if I donʼt live in California?

Well, Iʼm on the east coast all the time. So, if youʼre in New York or DC, or anywhere around there, weʼre cool. Iʼm also doing a fair amount of traveling for my 52 half marathons in 52 weeks. So, if Iʼm coming to your state, Iʼll perform for you then. I also visit the midwest a fair amount to see my family, so if youʼre in Ohio, or any of the neighboring states, weʼre cool.
If youʼre not visiting any of the places Iʼve mentioned, and Iʼm not visiting the state where you live, thereʼs always Skype!

3) Can I pool my money with my friends and have 10 of us sit around my den and watch you act out The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee in itʼs entirety?

Sure! Why not?

4) So, Aurora I feel weird asking you to come over and do a song for me, because I am not friends with you, and youʼre not famous. Youʼre just some girl and I stumbled across this fundraising page on the world wide web.

Please, donʼt feel weird! I love meeting strangers. I love becoming better friends with acquaintances. I love getting hassled by my current friends. Whoever you are – whether Iʼve met you once, a million times, or never – I would be absolutely delighted to perform for you, or run with you, or spend the day with you.

5) Um, who do you think you are? Selling time with you and your performances? Do you think youʼre as talented as Jason Michael Snow or something?

Nope. Definitely not. (Golly, I adore Jason Michael Snow. Iʼd make a donation to get him to serenade me, for sure!) The only skills I have to offer are performing and hanging out skills. I canʼt fix a car, or paint a picture, or do a whole lot of other things. But I can sing and dance for you. Iʼve had some requests from various friends over the last couple of years to perform for them more often. So, here is everyoneʼs chance to make me perform as much as they want!

Got more questions?

Great, email me. Thanks so much for reading!

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