Halfway There

August 14, 2012

Bon Jovi performing
Whoa, we’re halfway there!
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In case you didn’t notice, I completed race #26, which means I’m halfway done with my challenge! Yee haw!

I’m gonna save any main conclusions and reflecting ideas for the end of the year. But I thought I’d check in and say what a 6 months it’s been!

Oh my gosh, when I think about running that half marathon on crutches, or driving to the Grand Canyon on a whim, or taking the bus over to New Orleans from Orlando just because, you know, they’re pretty close together, so why not – it makes me happy.

My dad’s first half marathon, being led to a PR by super cool strangers in Kentucky, meeting an insanely cool group of runners in San Diego, being surprised at the finish of the Hollywood Half by some amazing friends, David Petrick himself meeting me at the finish in Washington DC, vacationing with Wendy, Marty, Barbara, and Becky – and Becky’s lovely compliment time(!), my first bike ride ever (and meeting Jeanette and Jo), extending my east coast trip over and over and over again ’cause I could not bring myself to leave New York, all the amazing theater I’ve seen this year (and running into Jason Michael Snow himself on the street(!)) – all of it, everything. What a 6 months!

I don’t want to recap too much, or harp on how amazing everything has been too much, because I’ll do that at the end. If the next 6 months are even half as good as these I’ve been, I think I’m in for a lot of fun!

Your body holding up okay?
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For those of you who’ve asked how my body’s holding up – I don’t want to speak too soon, but so far, I feel great!

I will admit that I always feel better when my diet is better, and when I do yoga during the week. (I don’t love yoga, but I know it’s really good for me.)

I will also freely admit that since I’ve started a normal day job, I don’t make as much time during the week for exercise as I used to. And I don’t eat as well as I did. There’s no great excuse. There’s always a way to plan for good eating and plan for exercise.

But yeah, overall I feel great. I just need to be a bit better to myself and I’ll feel even better than I already do.

To those who’ve asked about what my goals are for the next 6 months – I want to continue to have great experiences with great people. I’ve been so lucky to come across the most fun people over these past 6 months. I would also love if I could convince some of my non-running friends to run with me.

I’d love to raise some money for Broadway Impact (the charity for which I’m super stoked to be running). Don’t worry. I’m not gonna hammer people over the head with my fundraising page, and have my whole blog revolve around “Hey you! Give money. Rargh, rargh, rargh” But, raising money (without driving people crazy) is a goal I have in the second half.

So, there you have it. Just checking in, saying yay. I am overjoyed by reminiscing over these incredibly cool six months.

Thank you so much to all of you who’ve been a part of it in any way shape or form – throwing me a plane ticket or a hotel room, running with me, saying hi at a race, writing me an email saying you’ve been inspired to keep running – you have no idea how much that means to me. The idea that I am touching other people’s lives is crazy! (And awesome.)

To everyone out there who’s following my adventures, know that I appreciate you. Thanks for everything!

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