So You Didn’t Go To Providence?

August 19, 2012

Rock n Roll Marathon in Providence logoNope.

In case you didn’t suffer through yesterday’s crankypants post (I don’t blame you), I didn’t go to Providence.

I was lucky enough to have a flight buddy pass, so that I could fly free. That also means I have to fly standby.

I’m pretty low maintenance about most things in this world.

(For those of you coming up with examples of things you think I’m high maintenance about, I’ll admit I am about come things. I’m a light switch – not a dimmer switch – about almost everything in life. I love things, I hate things. I’m super passionate, pouring all my time and energy into something; or I couldn’t care less, ignoring something ’til it’s out of my life. I’m super low maintenance, or crazy high maintenance.)

Generally, I’m low maintenance. (Examples: I almost never wear make-up or take more than 15 seconds to put my hair up. I sleep on a mattress on the floor (in a completely undecorated room). I take the bus – in Los Angeles. I go out in public in pajamas. Often.)

back view of plane landing in afternoon on lit jet strip
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I love airports. I love walking around looking at all the various shops and restaurants in such a close vicinity. I love working on my computer while there’s hustling and bustling, and announcements going on around me.

I love planes. I love seeing all the various places people might be going. I love pun-ny restaurant and kiosk names in different cities.

I could easily hang out an airport for hours – days, even. Put a shower and a locker in there, and I could go for weeks. I love airports, so flying standby doesn’t bother me in the least. I’m thankful to have a ticket at all.

The only time it sort of becomes an issue is when I have to get somewhere in somewhat of a hurry. I take full responsibility for the fact that I didn’t get there. There’s no one to blame but me, here.

When I originally signed up for Rock ‘n’ Roll Providence, I thought maybe I wouldn’t be working, and I could make a big trip out of it. I could go see gorgeous Boston for a few days, and of course, stop by the greatest city in the world (New York City – as if you needed it clarified).

Then I got my amazing job at Playboy, and classes at the Groundlings started to snowball. It became clear to me that I was only going to be able to go to Providence for the weekend. Between the time change, and travel time, and everything; I’d get there close to midnight on Saturday, run the race, then get right back on a plane on Sunday afternoon.

It was going to be lovely getting out of L.A., but it was going to be super quick. I was barely going to realize it was happening.

I watched flights to Providence and Boston in the couple of weeks that led up to this race, and I saw them getting closer and closer to being sold out. I knew the chances of me getting there on standby were not good.

But I couldn’t leave any earlier than Saturday morning. started a new class on Friday – and it’s a writing class. I couldn’t justify missing it. I didn’t want to miss it.

When I called to get listed on a flight on Saturday morning, the agent on the phone didn’t make it sound very promising that I’d get on a flight. I headed to the airport anyway. It’s not hard to get there from my apartment. I paid for this race. I’m dying to get out of L.A. for a day. A girl can dream!

But it didn’t happen. I missed out on seeing one of my closest friends who’s moving out of the east coast this weekend (and happened to be stopping in Providence from Saturday – Monday). That was a humongous bummer. Not to mention, I missed out on seeing a couple of blog followers/new friends who were going to be running this race. Bummers all around.

Now, I have to add another Rock ‘n’ Roll race, ’cause I sure as heck am not going to only run 9 in a year, when 10 gets you the biggest, swankiest, pinkest medal they have.

Denver or Miami. Those are the only two left in the year that fit on free weekends. I’d prefer to do Denver – it’s closer, and I’ve heard it would be fun to run at that altitude. However, my final writing class is the day before, so I have a feeling I’d run into a similar problem as with Providence. It’s looking like Miami. I’d be able to make time for the expo and have a grand time. We’ll see…

2 thoughts on “So You Didn’t Go To Providence?”

  1. Bummer! 🙁 I’ve been hearing about these buddy passes. I need to make more friends cuz that would be totally wicked to fly for free. However also sounds stressful not having a secure seat. On the bright side, Denver or Miami sound way fun!!

    1. Yes, flying for free is amazing! I’m always so thankful anytime I get one of those precious buddy passes. Usually it’s not a big deal at all not to have a secure seat. It’s only stressful when someone (say, I don’t know, maybe me) paints herself into a corner and doesn’t give herself any wiggle room. 😛
      But thanks for bringing up the bright side. Those are fun cities, and I’m sure whichever race I do is gonna be great!

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