The Book of Mormon (The Musical, of Course) – Part 7 (The “Conclusion of this Series” Chapter)

Aurora De Lucia with Jared Gertner and Nic Rouleau outside of the Book of Mormon on Broadway

Me with Jared and Nic – the actors playing the two lead Mormon missionaries.

You may not remember that I never finished this story three months ago…

But here it is, the conclusion!

Picking up from last time -

After the show, all the standing room people actually said goodbye to each other. We really had become a little day-long line family.

Nic Rouleau killed it. He was different than Andrew Rannells for sure. It was awesomely cool that he felt comfortable enough to put his own spin on the character. He was still very funny. He just did it in a different way. It was fun to watch a different performance that worked so well.

Noah loved the show (of course). I’m not sure if he will become a musical theater aficionado, but at least he now knows that he has the ability to like musicals. Probably the very best thing about The Book of Mormon is that it’s brought so many people into a theater who never thought of themselves as “the type of people who’d enjoy a musical.”

I don’t think there is a specific type of person who can enjoy a musical – everyone can. But some people think there’s a type of person who likes musicals, and a type who doesn’t. This show does a great job of dispelling that myth. There’s a right musical for everybody. If you ever need help finding yours, call me!

Every time I see The Book of Mormon, I can’t get over how supremely written it is. The Book of Mormon is a wonderful example for me (as someone who wants to write musicals) of what a musical can (and should) be.

After the show, Noah and I said hi to Jared. (It goes without saying that Jared blew it out of the water.) I briefly met Nic. I had a short, lovely talk with Rory about running for his charity (which I am now doing) supporting marriage equality.

(It only took me a few months to finally commit to running for charity… It’s something I am so excited for, yet something that terrifies me as well – as I’m sure you’ll read about in a future post.)

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