How Do You Afford 52 Half Marathons in 52 Weeks, Aurora?

October 16, 2012

Homer Simpson and Mr. Burns looking at trillionThis is the question I get the most frequently, so I thought it was time to do a blog post about it.

For one thing, I’ve been extremely lucky. I’ve had fellow racers and some blog followers give me rides and places to stay. That has been incredibly helpful, and I am so grateful for all of that kindness.

I’ve also had some awesome race directors give me free or discounted race entries. (I haven’t gotten a ton of those, but even a few are awesome in comparison to none.)

I’ve been given buddy passes here and there for flights, which have been incredibly helpful. And, I do the things you’d expect people doing a lot of traveling and racing to do – I’m always on the lookout for discount codes. I use frequent flyer miles – all that good stuff.

As far as where I save places in my day-to-day life:

I got a sweet, sweet deal on my apartment, and I have two roommates, making my rent unbelievable. (That means that in Los Angeles, people don’t have the ability to believe that it’s so low. In non-big-cities, it’s still slightly unbelievable that I’d pay this much to live with two other people.)

I don’t have a car! (That one’s huge.) I know most people think this is impossible in L.A.
It’s Inconvenient for sure, but I’m surviving! That means no car payments, gas, parking, tickets, maintenance, or insurance.

Speaking of insurance, I’m still on my parents’ health insurance. (Thanks, Obama!) So, no extra bill there.

I thought that I was going to have some amazing blog post that uncovered all of my secrets. But I guess it’s all pretty simple.

I don’t have a significant other, or kids, or anything. There’s no one I’m spending money on but me (for the most part – I still get gifts for friends sometimes, and I still give to charities and things, but I am not the main responsible party for any other human beings).

I work in television, so while I’m certainly not rich, that kind of work affords me the ability to do things I love – such as this crazy 52 in 52 adventure.

So, I guess those are all my big secrets – cut down on my day-to-day expenses, and happily accept the hospitality of friends and family when I’m in their city (or when we’re traveling to the same city).

At the end of the challenge, I will tally up how much everything cost, so it will not be a secret.

Sorry if this post was a let down! If it wasn’t specific enough, and you have more questions, you can always feel free to comment or <a href=””>email me</a>.

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