Redeye to Ohio

October 18, 2012

CMH airport
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Redeye flight.

That’s the way to do it, my friends.

(Not always, as we learned with my first marathon.) But, generally, I think redeyes are pretty rad.

You get your entire day in your home city. You have time for a full day of work and packing and even an episode of Perception if you want. (Are you all watching Perception?) Eric McCormack rocks.

Then, you still have a full day in the new city. Also, barely any other passengers are at the airport when you check in. No lines for anything! There’s not a line to check in, or go through security, or go to the bathroom. No lines anywhere. Score.

When I first got to LAX at 11:30pm, I was so amazed by the lack of lines for anything, that I thought “This is amazing! I have to share it on the blog.” Then I got seated in an exit row! (What?!) Then ( – you have to imagine me emphasizing the word “then” more in each sentence) the guy next to me had snacks (lovingly prepared by his mother) that he shared!

Huge spoiler about the end of this blog. Yes, it really happened. See?

Holy goodness. How much better can this plane ride get, right? I thought I must share all of this awesomeness, and this no-line redeye secret on the blog.

Then (no emphasis on that one), I realized that I’m pretty much just telling you stuff you probably already know while recounting a super normal day – where everything seemed magical, but in reality I was just some girl on a flight eating grapes from the stranger next to me.

Basically what I’m saying is –

Cory Booker – the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey – tweeted me! That’s right. He tweeted me. It happened. That has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but that’s really the exciting thing that needed to be said.

Goodnight. (Assuming you can sleep after all that crazy excitement.)

2 thoughts on “Redeye to Ohio”

  1. Your story about the guy sharing his snacks reminded me of the time some lady shared her bucket of fried chicken with my husband (before we met) at a movie theater. He promptly took a piece (who takes random chicken from a stranger?), ate it, and then was awkwardly left holding the bones. She then says “Here, Honey” and hands him a plastic bag to put the bones in.

    I understand your tweeting excitement! Sunny Anderson from the Food Network tweeted me once and it was super exciting!

    1. That is an awesome story. And yeah, I’m still pretty new to twitter, and Cory Booker is a super role model of mine. So, I had a mini-freak out. lol congrats on your tweet from Sunny! 🙂 What’s your handle?

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