(#37) Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Half Marathon – Part 3 (Other Fun Race Things)

October 25, 2012

a spectator at the Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Half Marathon 2012 holding a sign that says "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever"

We’ve heard all about my dad, but what were some fun things about the race besides him?

First off, A+ on creativity, Columbus. The signs here were awesome.

In many races, people have a tendency to say, “You’re almost there!” way early – around miles 4 – 6. Runners I know like to lovingly complain about. They’re happy for the support… But we’re nowhere near “almost” there.

Well, in Ohio, I saw “You’re NOT almost there” signs at a couple different places. I loved the people who brought those, and I cracked up every time I saw one.

Someone had a sign by the end(/start) of a turnaround that said “shortcut.” Hilarious.

I adored a sign that said this is “the least polarizing race of election season!” How great is that?

There were some of the old favorites, such as “Pain is Temporary, Quitting is Forever” (or “Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever”).

There were Patient Champions – kids receiving treatment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital – at almost every mile. (Mile 12 was called the Angel Mile as a tribute to the children who’d passed away.)

At every mile marker, there was a huge party with families and supporters for the child of that mile. Runners were giving high-fives to the kids and their families.

6 miles in? I thought I already started!

At one point during the run, I heard, “Aurora?” I turned around, and Ashley one of my friends from high school was running with her mom! How awesome, right?

One odd thing about the race was that there was a second start line, I want to say somewhere around mile 6-ish. When I saw that, I looked at my dad and said, “I don’t know what I’m starting now! I’m pretty sure we already started a half marathon a long time ago.” I still have no idea what that start line was for. If you were there and you know, please feel free to let me know!

There were people on the sidelines doing the ol’ “OH -” “- IO” cheer. If you are not from there and don’t watch college sports, it’s possible that you don’t know what I’m talking about. But, it was very Ohio, and very fun.

This race had by far the biggest trash cans I’ve seen at any race (possibly in my life). Way to plan!

I had such a rad time visiting. The race treated me so well. The race director, social media team, volunteers, and everybody involved did an amazing job for us all.

(And a non-race-specific, but general Ohio sentiment: I loved seeing some people I love and visiting restaurants I miss. (Almost every meal while I was out there was Planet Smoothie… I love is SO much!))

I hope to come back next year for the full marathon!

2 thoughts on “(#37) Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Half Marathon – Part 3 (Other Fun Race Things)”

  1. Mile 6 is the water stop that I was helping out so I can hopefully explain. This waterstop is put on primarily by the Columbus Running Company – they own 3 running stores around Columbus, organize races and have several weekly runs for us to participate in. This starting line is their starting line and was inflated before the race – funnily enough as we all gathered for a pre-race photo under it before the race, an ambulance came through and we all had to scatter out of the way.
    I wasn’t sure if the start would have been confusing or made people go huh? But at least it wasn’t the other way round which said Finish, followed by a big sign saying “Just kidding!”
    Just discovered your blog by searching for other Columbus recaps – congrats on the race and your awesome achievements.

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