Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Expo

October 26, 2012

I already love this race – mainly ’cause it’s all taking place about ten feet from where I live.

Before I rocked on down to the airport tonight (for a Healdsburg Wine Country race tomorrow), I walked out of my apartment and hit the expo.

This expo seemed surprisingly smaller than usual, but perhaps we were just in a bigger hall space than normal.
I loved the Halloween theme with ghosts and skeletons around.
Some new things that I haven’t already mentioned/seen at other RnR expos were:
The AT&T lounge. You could kick back and watch TV in style. (They were giving you an idea of the living room you could win.)
I also noticed a “Rock ‘n’ Roll Sports Medicine” table. I don’t know if this was the first time they had it, or the first time I’d noticed, but there was a doctor hanging out all day to help if you had any questions about nutrition, injuries, race preparation – whatever kind of health/race things people might have questions about.
AT&T booth

There was also a skin care booth! Brilliant. That is brilliant. Why do I not see more skin care booths around? There are thousands of people walking around this place who are in the sun all the time and often have messy feet (that are in desperate need of some help). Of course we all need skin care! Brilliant, I’m telling you. I hope/bet they did tremendous business all weekend.

(Luck would have it that as I’m trying to love all over this booth, I can’t find remember the name of their product… but it made my hands silky smooth.) (Unfortunately, I did not buy any because I’m in “Save every penny for race travel and charity donations mode” through the end of these 52 in 52, but it was an amazing product, and I want some.)
I met Becky Reese, an incredibly nice woman running her own booth, who offered to send me free clothes and shoes once she heard my story! Thank you kindly, Becky! (I’m sure they’ll be more on her and her clothes once I get them in the mail. Just in case you didn’t see the link to her website on her name (’cause I know there’s some weird coloring going on in my layout), you can check her and her products out by clicking here.
I think that wraps it up! Time to fly to wine country.

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