Lady Speed Stick Women’s Half Marathon Expo

November 4, 2012

Me and the Luna bar crew! – Heather, Laurel, Dalton, Joscelyn, and Rebecca. I loved this booth!

So sorry to bombard y’all in a night. But as I was cleaning up the blog and preparing for the weekend, I realized I had a big gaping hole I had left for this expo. So, here’s that post!

We hit this expo fast and furious!

Right after the Really Big Free Half Marathon, Wendy, Marty, and I jumped in the RV and Marty drove us all to this expo. (They brought snacks. Yum yum. Wendy makes delicious (vegan) cookies.)

We got to the expo towards the tail end, but we had enough time to make the rounds.

First off, I was in love with the Luna Bar booth. They had delicious samples everywhere. And, if you could guess their new flavor (after a taste), they’d give you a free bar!

I don’t have the best sense of taste since I can’t really smell. However, I do have a great sense of sight. All you had to get was one ingredient correct and I could see the peanut butter chips on the bar. Ba-bam.

The awesome people at Luna Bar were so sweet, and so pumped about my 52 half marathons in 52 weeks – not only did they give me a free bar, they gave me a free box of bars! I opted for the new chocolate cherry almond ones. Yum, yum, yum.

Sad we have super red eye in this picture, ’cause I’m thinking apart from that there is some cuteness buried in this photo.

I also stopped by the information booth to see if they had any fun secrets. There weren’t any secrets (at least none that I can tell you). Seriously though, there were no secrets. I just wanted to sound cool.

There may not have been any secrets, there were two super sweet women working the information booth. Ellen and I became fast friends. She’s pretty much one of the most adorable people on the planet. (Sage was great as well if you’re wondering about the second woman.)

I loved the vibe of this expo. It was very sweet, kind, and friendly.

It already feels a bit different from a normal race. I don’t want to stereotype women or anything by saying this group is sweeter than a normal group. But there was just a vibe in the room – a nice vibe.

I bet it carries over to the race. We shall see tomorrow.

(Since this is an old blog post that I’m making up, you already know it does in fact carry over.)

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