(#41A) Lady Speed Stick Women’s Half Marathon AZ (Nov. 4, 2012) – Part 4 (The Morning Craziness, Pt. 4 – The Surprisingly Welcome Attitude of Those Around Me)

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Last time, I had entered the race from a cab and tried to explain what was going on to the runners around me.

Surprisingly, instead of being frustrated or yelling about how I just should’ve gone home,  the runners welcomed me with open arms. They seemed even more bummed about my morning than I was!

A woman named Mary even gave me a pack of energy chews that she’d brought specifically for sharing with other runners. (I’d been smart enough to set out food and water the night before, but didn’t get the chance to eat it in the crazy events of the morning.)

I found out after the race that I was not alone. Other people had been messed up by daylight savings. I still felt like a chump, but a bit less of one.

Funnily, one of the race staffers apologized to me for not putting warnings on all the materials that Arizona does not partake in daylight savings.

It’s my fault I didn’t set my phone right and make back-up wake-up plans, but it was adorable of them to reach out and grab some of that blame off my shoulder. (Although appreciated, it certainly was not necessary. In my book, blame on Women’s Half Marathon = 0%.)

I talked to the timing company after the race. They agreed to go ahead and list me with the finishers. I asked that they give me a 7am starting time (instead of after 7:30 when I did) to add more time to finisher’s time, helping to make up (at least records-wise) those miles I accidentally missed. They went ahead and did that.

The policy of Competitor Group (the company putting on this race) for runners who fall behind is to put them in the sag wagon and bring them forward to a later mile, allowing them to continue on.

So, as far as whether I was cheating their specific system, I wasn’t really since they allow people to cut out miles when they won’t make it otherwise. They give them medals. They list them as finishers. So, I’m in line with what the company allows.

Ethically, I’m sure we could all come up with different points about why what I did was okay or not okay. But, I did it. I had an amazing time at the race once I actually got in it!

I look forward to telling you about that wonderful time tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “(#41A) Lady Speed Stick Women’s Half Marathon AZ (Nov. 4, 2012) – Part 4 (The Morning Craziness, Pt. 4 – The Surprisingly Welcome Attitude of Those Around Me)

  1. Lawrence Hicks

    The effort that you made to do the honest and right thing overshadows any doubts that anyone should have. You deserve the finishers medal and you should count this toward your goal!!

  2. Tanya

    So I totally get why you feel like you shouldn’t count this race. I feel the same way, I mean after all I was one of the two people that was put in the sag waggon and moved up a bit “TWICE” I felt very much like I didn’t deserve the title of finisher. However, I personally am glad you got into the race because you have inspired me to keep trying and get better. For that I thank you.

    Happy Marathoning!

    1. Aurora De Lucia

      You are such a sweetheart. I’m so glad I met you!

      Each person’s race is different. Each person’s personal victory is different. Congratulations on getting out there!

      You didn’t let struggles stop you, and you’re going to race again. I believe that is the spirit of a half marathoner/marathoner – No matter what happens, you keep moving forward.

      Nothing can stop you! 🙂 I hope to see you in January at P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona!


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