(#42) Malibu International Half Marathon (November 11, 2012)

November 15, 2012

Surprisingly, I don’t have a ton to say about this one.

I got a bit lost on the way to this race, which really shouldn’t surprise anyone considering I have absolutely no sense of direction whatsoever.

However, I was not even close to being late to the race. I left very early knowing I’d get lost winding through mountains. I may have been late yesterday. And I may have been late last weekend (Aye, aye, aye.) But today, I was super early!

As I wound through the mountains in the morning, I saw a couple of lone houses and thought about how I would not enjoy living there whatsoever. It seemed so lonely and quiet. They might love it, but I’d go nuts.

Also, let’s take a little side break here to talk about Maroon 5’s new song – One More Night. And by “new,” I mean it came out in June and I heard it for the first time on this trip.

It is awesome! I’m obsessed with it. Maroon 5 is really an incredible band. They have a great, unique sound (or perhaps Adam Levine just has a unique voice). As soon as Adam Levine started singing, I knew it must be a Maroon 5 song. They have clever lyrics, and interesting song ideas. I enjoy them so much!

Getting to the race, I saw a lot more ING NYC marathoners today. There are out and about. They are running, and they are wearing their bibs!

Supathlon participants started with us today. I never knew that was a thing until today – and I’m still not positive it is a thing other than here. Apparently it’s a run followed by paddleboarding. Who would’ve known?

I met a few sweethearts at the race starting with Analisa on the shuttle bus. There was a fun group from Canada that I hung with at the start.

During the race, I’d walk with a group for a while, then jog ahead to the next walking group. It made for some varied conversations and fun times. The volunteers at the first water stop handed out leis. That was pretty fun.

In a lot of races, there will be something especially special in the final mile – more spectators, more decorations – just generally more. In this race, nothing felt different to me about the final mile. I started to think it might never end… but then it did! (Not that I don’t love half marathoning… but you know, cliffs, ocean, cliffs, ocean. I got the gist… ;))

I saw my good ol’ friend Endorphin Dude at the finish.

I also won a free marathon entry by spinning the wheel at Compete Green’s booth! I had actually won a free race entry by spinning the same wheel in December at a 5k, but wasn’t able to use it this year because it didn’t fit into my crazy half marathoning schedule. Now, I won all over again for next year. What are the chances of the happening?

I walked for 1,000 years (about .8 miles) back to the car. I was ready to jet back to the hotel since I wanted to soak up every bit of awesome hotel-ness before check-out. (Thank you so much, Quality Inn for my late check out. The Quality Inn Thousand Oaks rocks! (No one even paid me or gave me a discount or anything to say that!))

Then I saw these two women walking to their cars. (I think all of us underestimated how ginormous that parking lot was.)

I asked if they wanted a ride, and they took me up on my offer. They weren’t quite sure where their car was. (That sounds like a situation I could easily find myself in.)

We found it quite quickly, and I much preferred taking an extra 3 minutes to help some strangers than have 3 more minutes in my hotel bed. (In fact, I probably should’ve just driven people around that big, long parking lot until everyone had gotten back to their cars.)

I know I’m really harping on the parking lot here, but everyone walking to their cars seemed a bit tired. (I know I was…)

Once I got back to the hotel, I took a little dip in the hot tub and used my Malibu Marathon towel to dry off. They gave towels instead of t-shirts at this race.

Then I hung out at a Starbucks for a while, just enjoying the idea of being far away from home – even if I was only about an hour away. I liked the little escape.

By the way, small victory – I did that whole pre-buy the gas thing. As I was turning the corner to get to the rental car place, the gas light came on. Score!

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