(#45) Half-Bone Half Marathon (Seattle Quadzuki Day 2) – Part 2 (Acting Through The Beginning Of My Own Personal Hunger Games)

November 24, 2012

Branches (and their thorns) sticking into my pants.

Picking up from yesterday

I leave the trail and go onto the road.

I start daydreaming about how this is sort of like the hunger games, with all the obstacles of rain, cold, trails, and things. No one’s trying to kill anyone (but it does feel like we’re all going to die).

I start thinking about how I always imagine I’d be rad in crazy competitions, ’cause I like to think I’m somewhat creative and can try to find things people might not think about. Then I think about how horrendous I’d be because I’d never know where I am! How could I ever escape anyone when I have no idea where anything is?

None of this matters because hopefully I’ll never be in a hunger games situation. But you just never know. I was here!

About 6 miles in, my sweatshirt is really heavy. I start asking myself if it’s better to keep it on or take it off. If you take it off, you get to take off all that sopping wet weight, but then you have to carry it! Also, everything else you’re wearing is just gonna get wetter.

I do take it off, and start carrying it.

Random thorny branches are grabbing me here and there (and I’m thankful for the pants choice I knew today. I knew I wanted long, tight pants to give my legs the least possible chance of coming into contact with any nature).

I fell a little out of love with my Lifeproof phone case after those rush of posts where I gushed about it. My first adapter stopped working, blah blah.

However, I gave it another chance ’cause I feel like I do desperately need a phone that can withstand everything, as today proved it.

About 9 or 10 miles in, there were no dry spots left anywhere on me – nowhere to try to dry off my hands, and certainly nowhere to try and keep a phone safe.

As the race got colder and wetter, I did what I usually do in tough workout situations – I just started acting.

You know how it is when you’re acting – nothing gets in the way of your acting. Outside bothers, temperatures, sopping clothes – none of it exists. You just deal with elements around you as you rock your part like no one ever has.

So if I’m ever in a tough situation, I just start acting since I know in that state, nothing’s allowed to bother my “performance.”

I put on some sweet jams. I acted like I was in a music video for Maroon 5’s “One More Night.”

You want it angry? Longing? Sexy? I gave all those takes and more. (I had to do something in the rain!)

I also rocked out to Mariah Carey’s “Through the Rain.” A little literal, perhaps. Still fun to pretend there was a music video where I had to triumphantly walk through the rain.

Eventually, I was closing in on 13.1 miles.

This is where I almost died! I will pick up here tomorrow, ’cause that story is getting its own post(s).

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