(#49) Walnut Creek Half Marathon – Part 1 (The Pre-Race Chapter…Sort of Sick-ish)

December 8, 2012

The first bit I have to say has absolutely nothing to do with Walnut Creek, and only has to do with being sick. So, don’t take this to be anything about their race.

I don’t get sick often. But I got sick this week. I had a very busy week last week. My body kept pleading for sleep. I kept denying it. This was its revenge.

I was really pretty hard-core sick. Chills, achy, getting out of bed was a chore. I did not want to do this race (again, only ’cause I was sick).

I really struggled with the decision of whether to do it. On the one had, you only get one body. You should be at least somewhat kind to yourself. There is a general “neck up, neck down” rule in running. If you have symptoms that are only neck up – stuffy nose, etc., you may run. If you have fever, chills, nausea, etc., you should not.

I had some neck down stuff going and knew I should follow the rules. The incredibly stubborn side of me that never listens to anything rational and only looks at goals and results said, “Do the race!” The side of me that’s really trying to be a more thoughtful, rational human being said, “Take care of yourself, by golly.”

I set up a 3-week break in the racing schedule toward the end, partly so that if anything like this happened – if I got sick, if a flight or a race got cancelled – I could shove in another race and be find. What a wonderful thing I did for myself! That I decided to ignore…

Ultimately, here’s what it came down to. My job at Playboy is over. So, money is tighter now. I still have enough money to finish out these races, but every penny counts even more than usual. I didn’t want to buy yet another race entry. (They’re expensive.)

Also, my roommates love to throw a part every Friday night. (I know.) If I stayed here, I was going to be treated to loud music until Saturday morning – not really optimal rest conditions. So, be annoyed in bed or be annoyed that 13 miles seems far. At least in the latter I’m getting exercise.

Plus, this is my last racing weekend of 2012, and I am ready for that break I built in! So, I decided to go to Walnut Creek.

And, this was the last race of the last series I’m in. So, I wanted my final special medal.

Nothing bad happened today, but officially, I do not recommend this strategy of racing while sick! It’s not the safest or the most fun thing to do. I’m sure it makes you sick for a longer period of time.

If the race is Boston or something you cannot miss, okay. Do it. If it’s just a race you can replace, replace it!

Obviously, I survived. I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

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