Want to Be Inspired (And Entertained)?

December 31, 2012

This is a photo of Aaron Fullerton that I took from twitter. This blog is about him!
This is a photo of Aaron Fullerton that I stole (with her permission) from twitter. This post is about him!

When I was sick, there were a few people who said that I should own it, and openly share what was happening as it happened.

I owned it… almost two years after my last surgery. I was open – from an incredibly safe distance, only after was I was sure everything would be okay, and once I knew my life was at least somewhat back together.

I recently found Aaron Fullerton’s blog through twitter. (Where else would I find anything? I adore twitter (in case I haven’t mentioned that before)! (Of course I’ve mentioned it before, ’cause I love it, and if you don’t have one, you should!))

Aaron is battling testicular cancer, and he’s bravely sharing it with all of us on the internet as the story unfolds! He has no idea what life is going to throw at him, but he’s embracing it and letting us all into his story. Plus, he’s hilarious. So, if you want to be inspired, and you want to be entertained, go check out the blog and/or awesome twitter feed of this strong, hilarious man.

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