Training – On a Treadmill!

January 5, 2013

Aurora De Lucia getting ready for her 51st 1/2 marathon of her 52 half marathons in 52 weeks - the New Year's Race Los Angeles at Night 2013
Getting ready for tonight’s race. Bring it, #51!

I realized that since tonight’s race is at 9pm, I wouldn’t be able to blog about it in time for tonight’s post.

We’ll talk about that tomorrow. Tonight, let’s talk about training!

I haven’t raced in close to a month, but I have the Goofy Challenge coming up next week, so to stay on my game, I’ve actually, finally started to get back into the habit of training!

I know so many runners who adore the outdoors and call the treadmill the “dreadmill.” I am not one of those runners.

I looooove the treadmill. I love it. It’s quite possibly my best friend. You can have all the water and Gatorade you need. You can bring snacks even – and not have to carry anything! You can be pushed to keep your pace. You won’t mindlessly slow down or go out too fast, ’cause the lovely treadmill is letting you know precisely how fast you’re going.

There are almost always great TV shows sucking you into the story and taking your mind off your effort.

AND if all of those things didn’t make the treadmill awesome enough already – you don’t have to be outside! The sun, the heat, the smog – they ain’t got nothin’ on you! ‘Cause you’re just looking out at them. (in taunting sing-songy voice) na, na, na, na, na, na. I’m indoors! I don’t have to feel your rays beating down on me.

Changes of being attacked by a dog go down about 40 million (*completely unscientific made-up statistic) when you’re indoors at a gym than when you’re running through a neighborhood.

i just love the indoors! And I love treadmills! And I love television! I just have so much love!

One other random training tidbit: Since I’ve been doing so many races all year, I’ve had a constant plethora of free Gatorade and Clif bars in my life. While training for next week’s marathon, I went to the store. I looked up at the Gatorade, protein bars, and Shot Bloks. And I thought, “Oh… I guess we actually buy this stuff.”

I bought some stuff. Weird having Gatorade in the fridge, not just handed to me at expos and finish lines. It’s nice though, having it available, and taking it down to a treadmill! (Starts dancing at the mention of the word treadmill.)

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