(#51) New Year’s Race Los Angeles At Night (January 5, 2013) – Part 2 (High In Safety, But Not Entertainment)

January 7, 2013

Picking up from yesterday

It was funny as it got later in the night seeing groups of drunk people running around. Sometimes the drunk club-goers had enough energy that they looked like half marathoners.

Sometimes the half marathoners were struggling, stumbling a little, looking like they should be in the drunk crowd.

The race was a very quiet one. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much music. We finally heard some many, many miles in. “They have music for us!” we exclaimed.


As we got closer, we realized that was music blasting from a club. Oh well. Either way (dances).

We did finally hear loud, fun music (from the race) at the final turn. Better late than never, right?

It’s amazing how much of a difference music made! My little group started dancing. Others started dancing. We were all re-energized!

As we walked down the last street, streetlights or some kind of lamps went out. It was a bit jarring, and totally made me feel like I was in Criminal Minds for a split second. (Although every lighting change (and angle change, and any other change) makes me feel like I’m in Criminal Minds if I’ve watched the show recently. It can be a super scary show, and I should not be allowed to watch it!)

Anyway, even though in playtime pretend world you could make it scary, it actually wasn’t scary at all. It was just a light or two. We were all very safe.

I will say that even though people have been complaining (kind of a lot) about this race, the race people got so much stuff right. The course wasn’t the most thrilling, but some new races don’t get basic stuff right.

I never went thirsty. They had plenty of water and Gatorade. There was a big police presence. (Yes, I mentioned that yesterday, but for downtown L.A. in the middle of the night, a very large presence was needed, was delivered, and worth mentioning again.)

There were tons of volunteers! (So very, very many.) There were multiple medical tents. The streets were successfully shut down with no intersections open (which would’ve forced runners to make stops (as some races have done)).

I’d rather be safe and completely taken care of (which we were) than entertained (which were were not).

The race got all the really important basic stuff right… For the most part.

The race has been getting a number of complaints on Facebook, and because I feel like it’s being attacked somewhat unfairly, I wanted to stand up for the race. However, it’s been confirmed that they re-routed runners around mile 6 who had started in one of the back corrals and were well within the time limit. My understanding is that happened because the race started late.

That’s an almost unforgivable thing for a race company to do. Especially with apparently no warning. I don’t know whose decision it was (police, race officials, etc.), and I don’t know exactly why they made it. But it’s definitely unfair to those runners. And I can’t stand up for the race on that count.

But enough of my soapbox.

My posse made it to the finish and got our sweet medals. I could then see my apartment. Score!

As I walked toward my building, I overheard people behind me. “Where is she going?” (in somewhat jealous/thinking I’m super cool tone) “Oh, she lives there!”

I was hungry and had heard of this magical place – LA Cafe – that delivers 24/7. A delicious cheeseburger came to my door (carried by a person, of course). As I went to the door, I saw it was raining! We had escaped running in night rain. Nice.

I’d say all in all it was a nice night. Thank goodness my Long Beach buddies were there. They kept things interesting and fun, and helped pass the time. I’d say they made it at least 35 times more fun than if I’d done it alone.

I can’t believe race #52 is this weekend!

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