Goofy Challenge Expo

January 11, 2013

overview packet pickupBefore you even got to the actual expo itself, there was a huge room set up for some of the bib pick-ups.

They had a whole ‘nother room for 5k and Goofy pick-ups.

There was also a place in there where you could listen to speakers and panels.

The nutritionist for the Orlando Magic was talking as I came in. I listened for a bit, ’cause she was pretty funny and interesting.

After I picked up my t-shirts, I walked to the table beside them to check out the merchandise. I asked if it’s possible to buy extra participant shirts. (These participant shirts are pretty cute and everything I look for in one – long sleeve, tech material, a color other than white.)

I decided I think it’d be pretty cool to have a quilt of all the shirts from races throughout the year, so I’ve been trying to get duplicates of my favorite ones so I still can wear them around.

overhead view of lots of booths/people at the runDisney expo for WDW Marathon weekend.The man at the merch table said in the years he’d worked there I was the first one to ask if extra participant shirts, and they didn’t sell them. I said it was too bad. When he asked why I wanted one, I said 52 half marathons quilt, blah blah blah.

He asked me to hold on a moment, and sure enough he came back with an extra set of shirts (all 3 – half, marathon, Goofy), and just let me have them. That is Disney magic, right there!

From there, I ran into the runDisney booth, which was very crowded every time I passed it. It looks like a lot of people are getting in on registration for the Dumbo Double Down before it opens to the general public later this month.

When I stopped by the Clif booth, I told the guy behind the Shot Bloks that I loved them and I was looking forward to my 52nd half marathon of 52 half marathons in 52 weeks on Saturday. He said he thought that was really impressive, so he handed me a handful of Shot Bloks. Then he said, “Clif likes to do a little something special when we hear inspirational stories. Hold on.

big, lit up, mouse ears shape runDisney booth at the WDW Marathon expo 2013 He then went to some back table, came back, and handed me a $100 gift card to Road Runner Sports! It says “Run more, smile more.” And it comes in a little sleeve that says, “Endorphins, PR, friendship, solace, adventure – whatever your motivation for running, and wherever you go, we support you. running requires gear. Here’s $100 toward your effort. Run with it! Your fans at Clif Bar.

Love it! Amazing.

Basically, I’m feeling kind of like a princess here. It’s already starting out to be an amazing weekend.

I also passed by Team Serious Fun‘s booth.

I had met Brian – the really fun booth guy who looks like he stepped out of a Disney Channel show (which I 100% mean as a compliment) – in Las Vegas. He totally remembered me before I even said a word! I couldn’t believe it, but it keeps well with the theme of “I’m feeling very special this weekend.” 🙂

2013 hasn't quite happened yet, but you can buy your 2014 training gear.
2013 hasn’t quite happened yet, but you can buy your 2014 training gear.

Brian is wonderful at his job. Some people seem to be naturally good at getting people excited about things, and he is one of them. I guess he’s kind of like a natural salesperson. (I don’t know why I keep saying things about him that I totally mean as compliments but that I think can be construed as compliments or non-compliments…) the point is, I’m jealous and wish I was as good at getting people excited about an idea as he is.

I also happened to see Darris Blackford (race director of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Half Marathon). He was lovely as always. He asked what my strategy was for Goofy. I said very, very slow the first day (pretty much at the time limit) to save myself for Sunday.

He added that most importantly, I can’t forget to eat. He said sometimes people don’t remember to eat enough on Saturday and run out of energy on Sunday halfway through the run.

I also listened to a talk about the course and spectator viewing. The Disney race director and team seemed very cool. The course seems great. Let’s do this thing!

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