Walt Disney World Marathon Presented by Cigna (Goofy Challenge, Day 2) (January 13, 2013) – Part 3 (Mid-Race, & Hopping on a Roller Coaster)

January 19, 2013

Real animal!
Real animal!

Picking up from yesterday

After the first 10 miles, I was averaging a 14-minute/mile pace (14.01 to be exact for any sticklers out there).

At mile 10, I thought, “Oh, already in double digits. Awesome.” Then I realized that I still had more than a half marathon to go! I definitely don’t recommend thinking that way, ’cause then a marathon seems long. It felt way better when I thought about it in little pieces – a mile, a 5k, etc.

After the sun started peeking out, I poured a cup of water over myself at every water stop, which I think helped a lot in making sure I didn’t get hot… though it did mean I was pretty wet.

I was dried off pretty well between water stops, especially after the sun started showing itself more as the race went on. But, not all parts dried equally. I poured some nice cold water on my lower back once, which felt great – but meant water was stuck around my bum for a bit! Be careful how you wet your back, or you might just accidentally give yourself a wet behind.

As it got warmer (and as I was trying to adjust my wet, swishy pants), I pulled up my pants like shorts at some points (which I’m sure looked super not attractive at all, so big apologies to anyone who had to witness my insanely pasty tree trunk legs reflecting enough light to blind somebody). (Of course, I’m not ashamed of being pasty! Skin care is vitally important, and “reflective surface” happens to be the natural shade of my skin. I’m just sorry anybody had to see my super healthy skin that’s rarely ever touched by the sun. :))

I covered up my bib every time I saw a photographer when I was in a more-messy-than-usual state. I don’t need the gross moments (in which my outfit (and myself) are falling apart) captured forever!

As we started going toward Animal Kingdom, I took a picture of a fake alligator (in yesterday’s post). Soon after I thought, “fake animal,” I looked up and thought, “real animals!”

That’s right. They had cast members out there with birds and goats. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Crazy.

But I made it out unharmed by any animals. (Yay!) (The cast members seemed to have good control over what was going on… but still, animals were out and about, so you never know what will happen.)

Somewhere around mile 12 or 13, cast members were waving people into what looked like a ride. I went over and asked what they were waving us into. Indeed, Expedition Everest was open to runners!

I’d told myself that today was about finishing, not wasting time stopping for photos and random Disney things. But I was ahead of my 15-minute/mile goal pace, so I made one exception to run onto this ride – and it was the most awesome decision!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any group of people more excited to get on a ride than a group of marathoners in the middle of a race! What a lovely little invigorating break.

(In true Disney fashion, you could even buy the picture you got on the ride, and they gave you the number of it in case you wanted to buy it the next day. (I did not.))

Soon after the ride, I got to the halfway point and was at exactly a 15-min/mile pace. Perfect.

I called my sister. We had heard this story of someone breaking down in tears during the marathon at 13.1, lamenting, “I just did 13.1 yesterday! I’ve already done a full marathon between the days. I still have another half marathon?!”

It’s not funny to laugh at someone’s emotions, but my sister and I thought it was a funny idea. We weren’t laughing at the person, but the idea of the big breakdown. Caylan and I planned on taking a fun little break for crying pictures at 13.1, but alas she was not able to come to the Goofy Challenge this year. So, I just called her to quickly say hi, and that I couldn’t wait to cry with her next time.

This is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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    1. Yay! Thank you! 🙂

      And thanks so much for commenting! It helps assure me that someone is actually reading, and I’m not just talking into a big void of the internet. 🙂

      And I was amazed that a ride was actually open. I hadn’t heard about that from anyone who’d done it before. I could hardly believe my eyes. It was one sweet surprise!

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