Walt Disney World Marathon Presented by Cigna (Goofy Challenge, Day 2) (January 13, 2013) – Part 7 (Finishing The Race!)

January 23, 2013

Aurora De Lucia making a tired pose after the Walt Disney World Marathon 2013
After all the fun pictures, I asked my dad if we could take one with a tired pose. (I love this.)

Picking up from yesterday

We were traveling through Epcot, around the World Showcase.

My, it seems like a pretty big world toward the end of a marathon. However, I was pretty darn thankful to be in a park.

I love roads, but something about going through a park made it seem so much easier.

I took a few glances behind me to make sure there were still people back there. (lol) Luckily, there were still plenty of runners/walkers behind me.

In both Epcot and Hollywood Studios, I saw people running to the side of the course to see friends and families who were in the parks.

It was cute. It was weird, though, to be watched by people in the parks. Spectators at a marathon kind of expect you to possibly look a little like death warmed over. But I just imagined kids out for a fun day at Disney asking, “What’s with the parade of zombies over there, Dad?”

Once I hit Mexico in the World Showcase, I knew I was almost home free. I remembered from my last trip to Disney that it was the last (or first) country.

I thought to myself, “I must be getting close to that loop away from then toward the big ball from the 5k and the half marathon.”

Once I hit that part of the course, I realized we didn’t do the same loop on this last race! We only had to do the second half of it. That was a pleasant surprise.

Before you knew it, it was out toward the parking lot and I passed that same energetic gospel choir. I high-fived everyone in the front row as I jogged by.

I turned the corner, saw the sign that told me I only had 400 yards left, and could barely believe it.

I very lightly jogged on toward the end. (I think it was pretty much glorified walking, but I like to end as runnery-looking as I can.)

As I was running toward the finish, I heard the announcer say, “Cross that line, get yourself a medal, and call yourself a marathoner for the rest of your life!”

Did you hear that important part? “Call yourself a marathoner for the rest of your life!”

Technically, I could already do that. But this wasn’t some long day-long 26.2 mile hike through the woods. This was a 7-hour road race. So I’m gonna call myself a marathoner so much harder now.

I just thought it was such a cool idea to think about having the title “marathoner” for the rest of your life! Woot!

Of course, for the spectators, this was not a new thought. Apparently, the guy said it a lot (according to my dad who’d been there for a bit). But that’s understandable. Every few minutes it’s a whole new crop of marathoners.

I am hesitant to say anything even slightly negative about Disney since I absolutely adored this race and my whole weekend. But I’ll go ahead and say that I’m sort of bummed they use MarathonFoto now instead of Brightroom.

Brightroom is awesome and records video of you crossing the finish! (I can’t tell you how thankful I was earlier this year when I realized they do that, and I was able to forever save the moment I crossed a half marathon finish line on crutches. (Thank you for recording it, Brightroom.))

My dad taped the finish. So, I’ve gotten to re-live that moment, and I’ve already heard “And call yourself a marathoner for the rest of your life!” a few times since that awesome day.

But we’re not all lucky enough to have our dads there. I’m sure for some people – especially those doing their first marathons – crossing the line can be a magical moment. (Just my 2 cents, Disney and MarathonFoto.)

I got my gorgeous, amazing, lovely marathon medal that says “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” I think that’s the perfect quote for a marathon medal. (One of the reasons I chose this race was that amazing medal!)

After I crossed the line, I got my sweet Goofy medal from the lovely, helpful volunteers (or voluntEars as they like to say at Disney).

My dad was waiting for me as I exited the runner area. I couldn’t have been happier that he was there.

Walking to my corral in the morning, there was a sign that said, “Have a magical race.” I did just that.

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