Rock ‘n’ Roll AZ Expo

January 24, 2013

Entryway to the Rock 'n' Roll AZ 2013 Marathon expoRock ‘n’ Roll events – always doing it up right!

Red carpet entry, countdown clock with the hours remaining ’til race time ticking away.

I’ll try not to cover the ground I’ve already talked about in all my other many Rock ‘n’ Roll expo posts.

I took the leap and signed up for the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge at the runDisney booth. For those who haven’t heard, it’s a brand new thing this year in Disneyland, sort of like California’s mini-version of the Goofy Challenge.

It’s a 10k on Saturday followed by a half marathon on Sunday. I had started to hear rumors that the race would sell out fast. Sure enough, it was sold out within an hour of registration opening to the general public on Tuesday, so it’s a good thing I just got in and did my thing at the expo.

Since I live in L.A., I wanted to get in on the inaugural Dumbo. I saw how special the legacy runners were treated at the Walt Disney World Marathon (sashes, rings, special bibs and Corral A placement, and on and on). I want a sash! Since Anaheim is basically a local race for me, I’ll go ahead and consider giving up a weekend in August/September every year for the next 20 years of my life. We’ll see…

A cool little thing at this expo was that the people at Cole Investments were giving out little tins of “invest mints.” Get it? Super cute!

A guy from Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute was giving away free pens if you could identify a bone in the bottom. Sternum.
Ba – Bam. Click, click, says my victory pen!

I talked to some fun people and met some new bffs at the Team Challenge booth.

I hope my new expo friends enjoyed me… I was slightly worried about it, ’cause I’m pretty sure you could tell I was about to do my last race of this project. My brain was pretty dead. I was pretty dead. I mean, I tried to keep it together, and keep it all fun. But I could feel myself on the verge of (makes slow robot sound as I lean forward) system shutdown.

(Don’t worry. I didn’t completely shut down. I made it through the race okay, but I wondered if people at this expo thought they were talking to a robot. So, if you met me here, hopefully I was not too terribly robot-like.)

CountdownAnd now the best part of all – as I was leaving the expo, I happened to walk by the Chocolate Milk booth. I was just passing it ’cause I’d already been at a bunch of other expos. But then, someone there pointed at me and called me over. He said someone had told him that if he saw a girl in a “Who’s Bad” hat he had to stop her to hear her story and get her to tape a Got Milk thing.


How random, right?

For those of you who haven’t been to the expo, the Chocolate Milk booth has a camera set up and anyone can tape a little thing about why they love chocolate milk. Then there’s a whole voting process and people get little sponsorships and things.

I was certainly convinced to tape one by this stranger/strange occurrence. I’ll keep you updated if the video goes online at some point.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about my celebration race!

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