Then I Was Famous For A Day

February 11, 2013

Aurora hamming it up

Oh boy. Buckle up.

I kinda got popular while in Orlando (and a bit after).

You can check me out here, here, here, and here. (Don’t get too excited. A lot of it is the same info at different places. But the first one is kind of fun, ’cause it’s a video where I get to look like a super dork (When am I not one?).)

I also got some tweets from RunDisney, and Cory Booker.  After I got home, I got Facebook (and twitter) shoutouts from Luna Bar and goKicker.

Also, one of my friends alerted me Monday morning that I made national news! I was on HLN’s Morning Express which loops every hour for a few hours each weekday morning. After my dad heard I’d be on, he waited with bated breath (which calling everyone he knew), and leapt up to tape the TV with his cell phone. (Yep. He’s the best (and hilarious).)

Here’s the video he took with his cell phone:

[wpvideo pLCYsXnJ]

It was a little bit crazy. I spent almost all of Monday writing people back on twitter, Facebook, and in emails – and profusely apologizing to my dad for spending our precious Daddy/daughter time with my head in a computer. However, he thought it was the coolest thing that I was a little famous. And he spent a big part of the day buried in his electronic devices to tell his whole world, “My little girl was on TV!” Oh, Daddy.

Once Orlando was done, Phoenix welcomed me with open arms. (Video of that to come soon.)

Now I’m just back to being non-famous (but at least you still love me! ;))

(Also, I was just interviewed for a national running magazine, so I’ll have a little burst of small fame again… and I will definitely let you know when you can get your copies!).

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