How Are You Holding Up Physically After All Those Half Marathons?

February 13, 2013

Aurora De Lucia after the Walt Disney World marathon posing in a tired wayThis is a question I’ve gotten kind of a lot after my big 52 half marathons in 52 weeks project.

Generally, I’m holding up pretty well.

It’s amazing to me how much our minds affect our bodies and our lives. It seems like whatever my end date is for a show or a project – my body holds on really well until the end.

Only then do I crumble. But, I’m always smart enough to wait for the end date.

I didn’t really crumble per se, but I did do about a week of pretty much nothing at all. I was tired, man!

I did have some adjustments at the chiropractor to help put me back together again after such a crazy year. (Huge shoutout to Dr. Levon (possibly the most fun chiropractor on Los Angeles – check him out)!)

I don’t know that I’m a huge chiropractor person. (I still have yet to have any super strong feelings for or against chiropractic care. I feel like America’s attitude is ti be skeptical of it, though, from my experience, I think it’s real and pretty cool.) But I know that he made me feel way, way better after I was a little stiff/sore/crumpled up from all the racing (and not enough yoga – yeah, I’ll admit it).

(You should’ve heard my back on that first visit – crack, crack, crack, cr – cr – cr- craaaaaaaaack (so loud!).)

I am back to running again, a little. This year, I’d like to actually train – the right way. Build back up, work on speed. As I’ve said before, the same distance every week is not optimal. So, running is still a part of my life. But, I’m starting with less mileage than I did last year, and I’ll work up.

I still make sure to get walks in everyday. I’m going to start on some weight training and yoga.

So, basically, my body is good. I feel good. Things are good.

And it’ll continue to get even better!

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