February 14, 2013

Conan ticketLately, I’ve been trying to do some tourist-y type L.A. things. I live here. Might as well take advantage, right?

So yesterday, I went to see a taping of Conan. It was a blast! That studio is nice.

I made some new fun friends while waiting in line. (A group from Canada, and a group of actors in L.A. The grandpa in the Canadian group had been in the service, worked in a prison for 14 years, and was now traveling North America in an RV. Needless to say, he was a wealth of interesting-ness.)

(Random note: I’m pretty sure I saw Warren Littlefield in the audience? Perhaps? Perhaps I’m just imagining things? Someone do some detective work on that and let me know.)

I was best friends with Jimmy Pardo the warm-up guy. (For real, though. He talked to me during the warm-up, and when I asked if we were best friends, he totally assured me that we were. So, not only we were best friends. But the audience was privy to that best friendship.)

Random story from the end of the taping: Conan also did this funny thing – well, he did a lot of funny things. But, he did this one where they said they were ready for the “crash.” He could sense the audience didn’t know what that meant. He started making jokes about how the whole place was gonna fall apart. And as a crew member was counting him in to the crash (the short, seconds-long segment at the end where he says goodnight), Conan did his own countdown for the audience to the imaginary destruction. I felt like that was when you could tell he was super comfortable with his talk show and had been at it for a long time. No nerves at all – can completely countdown other numbers while the real countdown’s going on without breaking a sweat. It was kind of mesmerizing, in a weird way…

A little takeaway from the night: You can catch a glimpse of part of my face in the lower right corner of the screen during a shot of the guy behind me (whose name is Kevin for anyone wondering).

[wpvideo 3C8dDzh0]

And, as I completely don’t go in chronological order at all – before the show, the band rocks the house. The members take turns singing and come out into the audience to play and sing. After the show, Conan sings the “end of the show song.” The lyrics were something along the lines of, “It’s the end of the show song. The part they don’t show on TV. I’m just wasting everyone’s time now, even though all the audience wants to do is go home.”

It was so fun. I’m ready to go back again! You coming?

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