Which Race (of the 52 Half Marathons) Was My Favorite?

February 17, 2013

Aurora De Lucia kissing her dad on the cheek after his first half marathon at the Indianapolis 500 Festival(Note about the title: I always try to sneak the words “52 Half Marathons” into all of these conclusion posts, because 52 years from now when the blog has thousands upon thousands of entries I’m gonna get so confused as to what’s part of what adventure – or hopefully I won’t, because I will have labeled it all and left myself bread crumbs to what I’m talking about.)

So which one was my favorite? The Indy 500 festival hands down. No contest.

There is no beating that race.

It’s so unbelievably well organized. The course is super supported. It seems like the entire state of Indiana comes out to cheer you on.

I just love it. I love everything about it. I’d be happy to go back anytime, and I’m sure I will go back many times.

(You can read my full posts on the race here. And you can read my dad’s account here.)

If you want some honorable mentions of other races I really loved during this year of racing, here’s a list:

Kentucky Derby
Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego
Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Half
Big Sur
Goofy Challenge (of course (it was my big finale))

It’s hard to pick such a short list. I loved a lot of the Rock ‘n’ Roll races. (New Orléans is great. Go do that one.) I met such a super sweet couple at the NC half. April Fool’s Day in Atlantic City was fun. I had a lovely time with a mother/son team in Long Beach.

Doing a half marathon on crutches is something I will never forget.

I’m sure I could probably go on like this all day. There were a lot of great memories. (But if I had to pick a favorite, it’s Indiana.)

I look forward to more memories to come!

2 thoughts on “Which Race (of the 52 Half Marathons) Was My Favorite?”

  1. Indy is definitely a fun race. Super flat too for anyone chasing a PR. I have RNR New Orleans and the NC Half coming up, so it’s great to see that they’re fun, well-organized races.

    1. NC Half was pretty small. So, there’s not a ton going on there. But the medal was wonderful. I enjoyed that race mainly because of the people I was around as opposed to the race in itself. (But it was a fine race that I was happy with.)

      Looking forward to hearing your opinions on those races after you run them!

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