Do You Have Advice For People Who Want To Do 52 Half Marathons?

February 22, 2013

Aurora with medal post raceSure.

But I have a feeling that some of it is just kind of common sense.

I’ve touched on a lot of this stuff before, but so that you have it in one post:

1) Do yoga. A lot of it. Stretching is wildly important.

2) Budget. I just kind of decided I was going to do this and flew by the seat of my pants for a whole lot of it. Budgeting and saving for it instead of just kind of trying to figure it out as it happened would probably be better.

3) Be so super trained that half marathons are basically nothing to you. By the end, I was barely holding on! I slowed down a lot just to make sure I wouldn’t get injured. If you’re weekly mileage is already so high that you’ll need to go out and run more after you cross the finish lines of your half marathons, by all means go for this. If you’re still struggling in half marathons, I’d train harder. I think it’ll make the experience better.

4) Be ready to organize from the beginning. ‘Cause you’re gonna have so much stuff. Have a dedicated email just for races. Put all the pictures from each race in folders on your computer as soon as you can, ’cause having them all over your phone and desktop and unsorted/unlabled in iPhoto is not the key to calm, organized bliss.

5) Don’t forget to have fun! This one may seem silly. “How can I forget to have fun? The whole project is supposed to be fun!” Well, it is fun. But somewhere in there, you might get bogged down with overnight bus trips and cancelled races. If you’re fundraising, you might be tearing your hair out. If you’re blogging, you might be having trouble squeezing in time to write. It might get hard trying to keep track of everything like your photos from races, bibs, medals, and t-shirts while traveling, planning, and trying to keep up the blog. There are times it may seem almost like a job. There are times when you might be pretty sleep deprived. And you will see other doing projects even bigger than yours, and you might feel for a second that yours might not be the huge undertaking that it feels like it is. That might make you feel a little small or a little stressed. But in the end, don’t forget the great times – ’cause there are so many.

I think that basically covers it. I know you probably could’ve guessed most of those. But if you have any other questions, I’m always ready to answer more!

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