Sunscreen Is Only Seasonal?

February 28, 2013

coppertone water babies spf 70 sunscreenOh, Ohio.

(And not Los Angeles)

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m currently visiting my family. When I got here, I realized I didn’t pack any sunscreen!

I could hardly believe it. I try to not go very many places without sunscreen – especially if I’m going to be visiting for 2 weeks!

(I read this book, and I’ve been sufficiently terrified of the sun ever since (- hence the constant hat-wearing, eyeglass-sporting, and sunscreen-slathering me).)

My family needed to go to Kroger soon after I got here for milk or something. I came along for the ride ready to grab some sunscreen.

I looked in the places I thought it might be – in the pharmacy type area, or perhaps by the lotion. I couldn’t find it. So, I asked someone who worked there if he knew where it was.

He took me back through the places I’d just been. Alas, he couldn’t find it either. He consulted with someone else who worked there. Turns out sunscreen is only sold seasonally in that Kroger (and who even knows where else)!

Ohio. Crazy.

2 thoughts on “Sunscreen Is Only Seasonal?”

  1. Gee Aurora, now I feel horrible for taking off with your sunscreen:( I would have mailed it back with your cup if I’d known the power sunscreen has. Sorry

    1. Aww, please don’t feel horrible!

      You did so much awesome stuff for me that weekend. Plus, it was my fault for leaving my sunscreen in the car. And, I was even about to go home that day I left it, back to my apartment, which usually has 3 sunscreens bottles at the ready – one for home use, one for on the go, and one back-up. lol!

      So, of course apology way super accepted, but please don’t feel the need to be sorry in the least. Please use and enjoy that sunscreen with my blessing! 🙂

      (P.s. I’m sure sunscreen exists out here in another store… I just thought it was a funny idea (that I’d never heard of) that sunscreen is only sold seasonally in some places. :-P)

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