…And I HATE the Internet

March 8, 2013

i_hate_the_internetI usually write some words or sentences to myself in my drafts, so I can have little reminders of things I might want to cover in my blog posts. But when I opened this one, it was blank. I probably just assumed that this one would be so easy for me to ramble on about – why even write anything down?

Now, since I’ve a little bit maybe kind of grown to sort of start loving the internet, I sometimes forget about all the reason I don’t like it.



Extreme rudeness between people because for some reason that’s more okay online than it is in an actual social situation.

Photos where you have some weird fat patch sneaking out of some place, or something in your teeth, that end up making the rounds. (See the second thing on this list.)

I don’t love that the internet makes people (and I am not immune) so much lazier when it comes to caring about people. Occasions that used to get cards now sometimes just get wall posts.

It makes me uncomfortable that people sometimes catch a video of a performer on an off-night, and it haunts that poor performer for too long.

Basically, I think I miss simpler times and a bit more privacy (says the girl with a blog who seems to document most minute details of her life). I feel very lucky that I’m not any younger than I am. I actually remember getting my first smartphone… and not even having a Facebook. Whereas, my sister in high school would be lost without them.

The internet. It’s good. It’s bad. But most importantly, it’s here. It’s part of life. (As if that’s any new information… 1996 called and is asking for its blog post back. (Then 1999 called and asked for its joke construction back.))

I guess I’ll just focus on all the good I can find in the internet. And I’ll basically keep these goals/ideas in mind:
Stay as human as I can – and to try to remember to always be a human interacting with other humans online (doing my best to never be “internet rude”).
Look other humans in the eyes, and get my head out of my computer a fair amount.
Respect people’s privacy
And follow some amazing twitter accounts. (Isn’t that what the internet is for?)

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