Two People I Care About Passed Away This Week

March 12, 2013

…Oh, I debated whether to do a blog post on this.

I like to make the blog pretty personal, but it doesn’t need to be this super personal where I’m talking about serious stuff… Though I guess I’ve talked about serious stuff before.

I have a whole bunch of posts waiting in the queue. I browsed through them to see what I’d talk about next. But, I just didn’t feel like talking about any of that stuff right now.

I’ve said this on this blog 400 million times, but I really can’t stress it enough – anything could happen at any time to anyone you love. I don’t believe that means we should live in fear. But, golly… those people you love, hold them close. Tell them you love them.

Tell the people in your life you appreciate them – whether it be a barista you see once a week, or your parents, or whomever. I feel like we can’t ever be too thankful to the people who enrich our lives.

Of course, who am I to think I can just dole out advice? I’m not some sage, wise (did I really need bother of those words? no) person who knows the right things to do in life. I’m just some girl who gets hit with various life stuff (as I’m sure you all do) and tries to maybe kind of make sense of some of it.

Two wonderful people died this week. (Probably, actually, tons of wonderful people died this week… But two people I knew left us.)

In order to try to be respectful to the people and the families, I won’t go into super details. (I generally try to only mention people by name/super-identifying-characteristics on the blog, only if I’ve gotten their permission.) (Although then it’s so weird if I want to give some information, but not other information ’cause then it seems like a cloud of secrecy… So, I’m sorry to be that way. There’s no big secret here…. At this point, you may be asking yourself why I even wrote this post. I don’t know…)

(I will say that my family members are fine, and the person I was visiting in the hospital not that long ago is also more than fine. So, don’t think anything went wrong with a heart patient.)

Moving back to the people this post is about – some things that have been echoing in the conversations about these people include their passion for things. Whether it be theater, charity work, family, or other things they felt strongly about, these people really loved and cared deeply about things.

Another things that’s being brought up is the generosity the people gave – time, friendship, heart… They were generous friends, and I was very lucky to know them both.

There’s of course never anything good about someone dying. We’re all shocked and saddened beyond words. But, if we somehow wanted to find the tiniest silver lining possible, I’d say that it is nice to see how much kindness people are showing each other. People have been saying I love you more and giving more hugs.

I know we can’t go around all mushy and love-y all day everyday. But it’s a little beautiful to see people being so loving and generous and wonderful to each other. And I am positive that the people who passed away would’ve loved to have seen that. And I’m sure they’d like knowing that even still, they are positively influencing the people in their circle.

My goal is that someday I am so the person that I want to be, that I don’t ever need horrible things like this to help me reevaluate my life or be reminded that time is so precious. That day may never come, but I’ll work on it… Since that day is not yet here, I will say that if you’re (I’m) reading this, it’s not too late to reevaluate who you (I) are (am).

Maybe it’s time to reevaluate. Maybe it’s not. Maybe we need to. Maybe we don’t. But at least if I want to think about the kind of really generous and caring person that it’s possible to be, I have some great role models who will not soon be forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Two People I Care About Passed Away This Week”

  1. What a sweet post to your blog~ Touches me…I too have lost two friends this past year….It does make you re-evaluate your life…and how you live.
    Sending you a cyber hug from someone who understands exactly what this blog post means. Melissa

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