Oh, Forget It. I’m Just Telling You What My New Project Is

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

As you may or may not have seen, over the past couple of months, I’ve been all – “The announcement of my next project is coming soon.”

I kept pushing back the date, then pushing it back some more.

I thought I’d be making you a fun video with big smiles since I’d know a definitive answer by now. I have no cute official announcement video for you (yet) ’cause I don’t have an answer (yet).

But I’m gonna go ahead and just tell you what I’m working on. You can get caught up on the ride thus far, and come along on the journey.

And now… after all that way-too-much build up –

I’m trying to be approved to be an altruistic kidney donor. (And then, of course, run a big marathon event (I’m thinking Goofy Challenge) while fundraising.)

Why do I want to give a kidney to a stranger? What all does it entail? We’ll start diving in to that tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Oh, Forget It. I’m Just Telling You What My New Project Is

  1. Christopher Ayangco

    I would you rather venture into obstacle racing. Goofy challenge again after already completing it once? I already know you finished it. I want you to be taken out of your comfort zone and do an obstacle race or better yet, The Go Ruck Challenge. Only then would I consider donating towards your fundraising. Just my opinion, I expect progression towards the next level after all those half’s and random marathons. Maybe you might figure something about yourself after an obstacle race.

    1. Aurora De Lucia

      An obstacle race is in the plans for someday, but I think going back to a familiar place after a major surgery will be a good idea, so we can all see if maybe I improve (or at least stay consistent).

  2. junebugpins

    I’ll be following along~ Your pretty amazing and a special person and I can’t wait to read how your going about this project….
    Goofy Challenge is something I’d love to do one day….but back to back like that….I just don’t know if my legs could do it….
    love your blog…

    1. Aurora De Lucia

      Well, thank you so much!
      And you could definitely do it. It’s hard, but possible. (And how hard it is all depends on your goals. If you’re willing to have a slow time on Saturday’s race (which I totally was), it really helps save your legs/your energy for Sunday’s marathon. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had. I highly recommend it.)


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